Cosheston AFC - best team over the last decade

Cosheston AFC

Cosheston AFC haven’t been around since 2000 - but are now very much part of the Pembrokeshire Football League.

So instead of a team of the 21st century, club stalwarts Gavin Wickland and James Reed have instead come up with a team of the decade.

“As a newly established football club, it seems strange to be asked to pick a team of the decade,” admitted Wickland.

“But in the last few years we have won Division 5, won Division 4 and won the Fourth Division Cup as well.

“So along with James Reed I’ve picked what I think to be the best 11, plus subs, who I have had the pleasure to manage and play with over the last few seasons.

“I have chosen an attacking 4-3-3 formation which has suited us in the bigger games we have played in.”


Jambo, at almost 40-years-old is still playing every week. He didn’t miss a game in the double winning season and has been a big part of the success we have had. Jambo is class, he has been my shot stopper for years after I poached him from Angle to get him to Cosh. He is Mr. Reliable, loves the laughs but loves a moan even more.


Corey has proven himself to be an important player at Cosh. He has played in a variety of different positions for us but has found his home in defence. Like a salmon in the air and can play a bit too. Has worked hard on his fitness levels over the last season or two and now doesn’t pant as much as he used to after a good sprint.


If you ask anyone who has played with Mason over the years, they will all tell you he is a solid 7 out of 10 player every week. Well into his 30s now so is missing a yard of pace against some of the younger strikers, but very rarely gets beaten in a physical battle or in the air. Played first division football for a number of years and will tell you himself that he much prefers a battle with a striker than a tricky and pacey forward.


Simon is easily the quietest player in the squad. Simon is the cool head of the back four, he has been given the penalty taking duties because of his temperament, and he’s yet to miss one. His winning goals against Pennar in the cup semi final, the final win against Hundleton and the Division 4 title decider against Broad Haven were all pivotal to the success we have had as a club. He also gets stuck in behind the scenes, marking the pitch along with other things.


Stuart or ‘Bert’ as he is affectionately known at the club, is another who has covered various positions for us. He has pace to burn going forward but that seems to go missing when coming the other way. Put in a huge defensive performance in the cup final against Hundleton at the Bridge Meadow, and it’s safe to say that without that performance we would not have won that game.


Picked by James Reed:

A leader both on and off the pitch. The most competitive and combative player I have played with or against. If he is not making tackles or winning headers, he is chasing someone to force the mistake. Most local referees will have taken Gavin’s name over the years, rumor has it that the Pembrokeshire League office party is funded by Gavin’s fines money. Sadly, he has decided to take a step back from playing and stick to the sidelines next season and his presence will be missed on the pitch – but his voice will still be ringing in our heads. 


Although in Division 3 ‘petal’ could easily be playing at a higher level. He has decided so many games for us over the last few seasons with his man of the match performances. His decision making on the ball, running ability and work rate are all brilliant. Another referee’s favourite, if he could reduce his suspensions and spend more time on the pitch with us, I’m sure he will be at a higher level sooner rather than later. Gave absolutely everything in the double winning season and made his appearance in the cup final from the bench with a broken toe.


Another player with first division experience and it shows in Division 3. Bblistering pace and work rate going forward and can beat two or three players with ease before creating a chance or finishing one himself. Works like a dog in defence. Has scored a lot of important goals for us and always a big voice on the pitch, motivating others. His dog ‘Bruno’ is his biggest fan.


An extremely competitive player, constantly in the referee’s ear trying to get the decision in our favour. A player who can change a match in a split second with a little bit of quality. Scored a hatful of goals in the early seasons, headers, tap ins, 30-yard volleys and from long range. Has played in central midfield a few times as and when we have been short in the past too and created plenty of chances for others. Loves a row with his brother!


The club’s leading goal scorer. Even though he has scored all those goals it’s his work rate that gets him the nod. He defends from the front, closing down players and putting pressure on to force errors to win us the ball back further up the field. I do have to mention his hat trick in the cup semi final against Pennar Robins to get us to the final, his best performance for the club to date.


Jake is in his first season with us, buts makes the team due to his goal tally. In his first two appearances he slotted eight goals including a double hat trick. Another player who loves a physical battle, he works hard off the ball making space for others to work in. Another who probably could play at a higher level and we look forward to helping him get there.


Taffy our resident German, although I’m sure he’s French! Has played in a number of positions at one time or another. As a winger he is strong in the tackle and 100% committed in all aspects. He is the proud owner of a rocket of a left boot. Taffy is a real club man, our current Chairman, bill payer, the ‘club mum’ and so on. Without Taffy the club would not run as smoothly and efficiently as it does.



Yet another player with first division experience. Has played in midfield, attack and defence for Cosh and was a valued member of the double winning squad of last year. Put in a brilliant defensive performance against Broad Haven in the league title decider last season. Hopefully he decides to play football this season rather than returning to MMA.


PK is an ever present in every aspect of this club. He trains every week, even on his own if he thinks training was not enough. He always makes himself available for every game. When called upon he has never let us down. Always first to the bar after game and knows how to celebrate an important win.


As we have a player manager I have included another substitute! Unfortunate not to be in the 11, but as he now plays for Angle, I couldn’t bring myself to start him! Diggy could play anywhere, and apart from goalkeeper I think he has. Strong on the ball, plenty of skill, good in the air - and has a few goals in him. A captain on and off the pitch even without the armband. Suffered a terrible head injury a few years ago which almost cost him more than his football. Great to see him still playing.