Pembroke Cricket Club - 'Select X1'

Kevin Jenkins bowling


Pembroke Cricket Club – ‘Select XI’
We considered asking several of the older Pembroke players but in the final analysis plumped for Mark ‘Chalkie’ White, still a regular in the first team, a former captain and never one to shirk a challenge!

Surprisingly, though, Chalkie admitted that he found it far more difficult than he thought it might be and in the final analysis consulted a few of his contemporaries like Rob Weston and Jonathan Rogers before completing his selection, which is interesting, to say the least, and is sure to instigate a lot of debate at Treleet, as well as elsewhere!

Paul White
  1. Paul White
I know I shouldn’t pick myself but the others said I was needed for my steady play and consistency with the bat and a proven run gatherer so here I am! I’ve always played at the top of the order and captained the side from 2015-17, including a promotion season. I also bowled leg-spin for the county youth when I was a youngster but somehow that seems to be overlooked now that I’ve got a bit older. Luckily, I can still get in for my batting!

Matthew Mitchell

  1. Matthew Mitchell
‘Mitch’ would be the ideal foil for me because a really powerful striker of the ball and a prolific run-scorer who could take teams apart. He was the youngest club captain at 18 and was renowned for his love of chips – and was once spotted in a lay-by on the way to a match with two big bags of them on the bonnet! But a cracking batsman nonetheless!

Mark Fraser

  1. Mark Fraser
‘Frase’ was the ideal No 3 because he was calm and unflappable and a classy stroke player who once scored 150 for us against Lawrenny and had loads of other big scores to show his consistency. He was also a useful fielder and was club captain for two seasons – and was rightly regarded as ‘Mr Immaculate’ because he really looked the part in terms of dress on and off the field – and was a great club man!

Phil Hay

  1. Phil Hay
Phil is one of the current players in my team, doubling up his outstanding batting with solid performances with the keeper’s gloves. What makes him such an asset is the fact that he can change the course of a game in four overs but is also able to graft things out when the situation demands.  Phil has struck some memorable centuries and although I think his claim that he has scored ‘hundreds of 50s’ needs checking there is no doubt about how good he is!

Rob Weston

  1. Rob Weston
Another game-changer with the bat and doubles up as a very useful medium/fast bowler who often opens the bowling but I would have as second change because he is very accurate and bowls a terrific full length. Rob has scored a couple of centuries for the club and we have interesting chats in the bar afterwards about how good we both think we are!

Andrew Hay
  1. Andrew Hay
‘Sparky’ deserves his place in the team because of his up-beat performances in the three seasons he has been with us, particularly in our last season in Division One, where we were struggling to stay afloat. His excellent technique has ensured his place in the current team as my opening partner and the bonus for us is that he doubles up with his bowling – and is no mug in the field either. In a game at Kilgetty he scored a ‘ton’ and claimed five wickets – not bad going that!

Shaun Powell

  1. Shaun Powell
Showed his positive attitude throughout his time at the club before sadly moving away – and a very useful batsman who could also pick up wickets with his canny off-spin. He was also great in encouraging others, especially in coaching the junior teams – and was captain from 2011 to 2014. He would admit, however, that he was sometimes on the temperamental side and once threatened a bit of damage to a chair in the rugby club when he thought someone was criticising his captaincy. He would be welcome back at any time!

Jonathan Rogers
  1. Jonathan Rogers
‘Yogi’ originally looked on cricket as relaxation from his main sport of rugby, where he plays for Narberth, but since coming into the firsts in 2009 and being an ever-present since then. He is a very combative fast bowler who likes a bit of chat and if you don’t see him in matches you will certainly hear him somewhere! He always plays with the team’s best interests at heart and showed how much his batting has improved with a 100 against Cresselly last season.

Nigel Phillips
  1. Nigel Phillips
Nigel has played for the club for almost 40 years and is still going strong as one of the club’s ‘legends’ of that time, having been regarded as one of the best off-spin bowlers to play in the county. Occasionally a fiery competitor who caused a bit of controversy but also one of the funniest guys you could meet, which made him respected and liked by opponents. Nigel has also been a useful batsman and is still enjoying his cricket as much as ever!

Kevin Phillips

Kevin Jenkins ‘Jenks’ is rightly regarded as ‘Mr Pembroke Cricket Club’ who holds the record for the number of seasons he was captain – and also led Pembrokeshire for one season as he was a regular for a number of years. One of the best medium/fast bowlers I have come across with his ability to ‘think’ opposing batsman out – and could bat anywhere in the line-up. His work off the pitch has deservedly made him even more of a ‘Club Legend’ because he has influenced every developing player – and looked after the ground as a real bonus! Easily our ‘top man’ in every aspect!

Gwyn Griffiths

  1. Gwyn Griffiths
The third of the old-timers I have chosen and another star in the club as a fast bowler who only knew one way – to hurl the ball down at a very great rate of knots. I think he was one of the best fast bowlers I’ve seen in the club and an added bonus was that he could bat a bit if he had the chance – and was great with youngsters coming into the club.

Jack Harries

12th Man:
Jack Harries
Jack is the current club captain and he has done a great job in moulding aside that has more than its share of ‘characters’ into an effective unit despite being easily one of the youngest players who play regularly. He is well worth his role because he is a good tactician, a good medium-paced bowler and stylish batsman who plays every ball on merit – and sure to serve the club well for many years to come.   

Others to Consider:
As well as those mentioned there were others who deserved consideration but just missed out, usually because they were towards the end of long and distinguished careers.

These include Colin Kaijaks and Spencer Harries, the former as a very good batsman who scored several centuries and regularly featured in the top run-getters, whilst the latter was a great all-rounder who sadly suffered from dodgy knees late on – both would have been in the running if the dates were a bit earlier, say from 1990.

Younger players would include James Perry, a very fast bowler who finished far too early, Dan Scourfield – an excellent batsman until he disappeared too soon off the scene and Perry Phillips, another very useful bowler. 

Spenser Harries as he would be a candidate for an all  time team and would be a certainty if this was a 30 year team (hes another club legend that was good to myself and younger players coming through) .

Also sam davies was top of the 2nd div wickets last year. Also  Rob Smyth being a hec of an asset for the team and club since his return in 2017.  I have always rated Chris Thomas as a bowler who can bat and he put in some really good spell in division 1. Hughie another star for me, and played a good bit of the first part of the decade.