Neyland A regain indoor cricket title

Winners Neyland A with PCCC Chairman Paul Webb, organiser Peter Davies and umpire Neil Croucher

Winners Neyland A with PCCC Chairman Paul Webb, organiser Peter Davies, scorer Ian Milsom and umpire Neil Croucher

Below is PCCC Chairman Paul Webb presenting the trophy to Neyland A captain Sean Hannon

Neyland A regained the Pembroke County Cricket Club’s indoor title which they lost last season to Haverfordwest, who came runners-up this year with their revamped squad.

Simon Holliday did show his class with 43 not out in a win over Neyland B and an unbeaten 53 in defeat against Sean Hannon’s team, whose greater strength in depth saw them home. They will now represent Pembrokeshire in the Welsh Finals in Morriston Leisure Centre on the January 27.

Match One: Neyland A (131 for 2) beat Neyland B (35 all out)

PCCC Chairman Paul Webb presents trophy to Neyland A skipper Sean HannonNeyland A began their morning with a match against their B team and showed their claws from the outset as they elected to bat and rattled up an eight-over total of 131 for 2 - after Gregg Miller and Nick Koomen smashed 17 of Ban Mathias-Milsom’s first over Miller was then bowled neck and crop by Henry Durrant for 15 (five threes).

Durrant had sportingly dropped down from the A team squad to help the B team and added a second scalp by doing the same thing to No 3 George Evans in his 2-26 spell as Koomen sped to 26, retiring with a six and a four to his name.

Skipper Hannon and twin brother Patrick added a quick 50 before Sean retired on 26 (one six and two fours). Koomen then returned to bat well with Patrick Hannon (three fours and three threes in his 28 not out) as they raced past the three-figure mark. Koomen ended up on 38 not out (two sixes, two fours and four threes).

The B team were soon in trouble when they batted, despite a good 20 from opener Callum Power as no-one else could muster double figures against Gregg Miller (2-11), Koomen (2-13) and Patrick Hannon (1-3), whilst Patrick Hannon had the honour of bowling the only maiden of the day against Paul Miller.

Neyland A Batting:
Gregg Miller b Henry Durrant 15
Nick Koomen not out 38
George Evans b Henry Durrant 9
Sean Hannon retired 26 
Patrick Hannon not out 28
Extras 15
Total (2 wickets) 131
Neyland B Bowling: Ben Mathias-Milsom 2-0-30-0; Henry Durrant 2-0-26-2; Nathan Sutton 2-0-37-0; Paul Miller 2-0-38-0.

Neyland B Batting:
Callum Power ct Patrick Hannon b Nick Koomen 20
Nathan Sutton b Patrick Hannon 5
Henry Durrant ct Nick Koomen b Gregg Miller 0
Ben Mathias-Milsom b Nick Koomen 0
Paul Miller ct Patrick Hannon b Gregg Miller 6
Extras 8
Total (all out) 35
Neyland A Bowling: Gregg Miller 2-0-11-2; Nick Koomen 2-0-13-2; Sean Hannon 2-1-6-0; Patrick Hannon 1-0-3-1.

Neyland B

Neyland B


Match Two: Haverfordwest (112 for 5) beat Neyland B (80 for 4)

Haverfordwest had an unusual line-up as Filgi Varghese opened and Neil Crawshay batted well for their 14 apiece. 

But it was left to  Holliday to take them to a decent score as he blitzed the bowling and Paul Miller suffered the most as his final over was dispatched by ‘The Doc’ for 28, including three successive sixes.

For Neyland B, George Evans took 2-13 as Nathan Sutton (0-13) and Cyril Varghese (0-17) also bowled well alongside Ben Mathias-Milsom (1-24).

Neyland B’s response started badly as Callum Power was bowled by Teo Krol for just a single and Mathias-Milsom run out for a duck.

Evans and Paul Miller also departed early but good batting from Nathan Sutton (24 not out) and Cyril Varghese (26 not out) advanced Neyland B’s total to 80 for 4, ably assisted by ‘Mr Extras’, whose 20 runs included 14 wides!

Haverfordwest Batting:
Filgi Varghese ct Callum Power b Ben Mathias-Milsom 14
John Ebenezer run out 4
Neil Crawshaw ct & b George Evans 14 
Simon Holliday not out 43 (3 sixes)
Kapila Navaratna run out (GE) 7
Teo Krol b George Evans 0
Extras 30
Total (5 wickets) 112
Neyland B Bowling: Ben Mathias-Milsom 2-0-24-1; Nathan Sutton 2-0-13-0; Cyril Varghese 2-0-17-0; George Evans  2-0-13-2; Paul Miller 2-0-34-0.

Neyland B Batting:
Callum Power b Teo Kroll 1
Ben Mathias-Milsom run out 0
George Evans ct & b Filgi Varghese 6
Nathan Sutton not out 24
Paul Miller b Simon Holliday 3
Cyril Varghese not out 26
Extras 20
Total (4 wickets) 
Haverfordwest Bowling: Teo Krol 2-0-16-0; Kapila Navaratna 2-0-14-0; Filgi Varghese 2-0-15-1; John Ebenezer 2-0-15-0; Simon Holliday 2-0-13-1.




Match Three: Neyland A (129 for 1) beat Haverfordwest (112 for 5)

Neyland A showed what a powerful batting line-up they have as everyone made a useful contribution – with only Nick Koomen dismissed by John Ebenezer for 17 (two sixes) as Gregg Miller and Ashley Sutton both  retired on 26, having belted their shares of boundaries.

Sean Hannon struck 25 before he retired and Patrick Hannon finished with an unbeaten 9  as 23 extras were also conceded.

Teo Krol and Kapila Navatna were the pick of The Town bowlers but to chase a target of 130 was challenging.

It was intended that Holliday would open the batting but a work commitment meant he came in No 4 and only Filgi Varghese managed to stay long enough to smash 26 before retiring.

Holliday showed what might have been had he batted the full ten overs and smashed four sixes and several fours, including two maximums off Koomen’s final over alongside two boundaries. 

But it was too late, and it was left to Paul Webb to present the silverware to Sean Hannon. He thanked all three teams, organiser Peter Davies, umpire Neil Croucher and scorer Ian Milsom for all their efforts.

Neyland A Batting:
Nick Koomen b John Ebenezer 17
Gregg Miller retired 29
Ashley Sutton retired 26
Sean Hannon retired 25
Patrick Hannon not out 9
George Evans not out 0
Extras 20
Total (1 wicket) 129
Haverfordwest Bowling: Simon Holliday 2-0-14-0; Teo Krol 2-0-21-0; Filgi Varghese 2-0-34-0; Kapila Navaratna 2-0-19-0; John Ebenezer 2-0-29-1.

Haverfordwest Batting:
Filgi Varghese retired out 26
Neil Crawshaw b Ashley Sutton 0
John Ebenezer b Patrick Hannon 18
Simon Holliday not out 53
Kapila Navatna run out 0
Teo Krol not out 3
Extras 12
Total (4 wickets) 112
Neyland A Bowling: Ashley Sutton 2-0-25-1; Gregg Miller 2-0-18-0; Sean Hannon 2-0-15-0; Patrick Hannon 2-0-24-1; Nick Koomen 2-0-31-0.