Indoor Cricket League 2020 announce forthcoming fixtures

Neyland Hall

Today we are delighted to publish the fixtures for the 2020 Indoor Cricket League, with all matches taking place at the exciting new facilities at the Neyland Hub.
It is great to see ten teams competing and, as usual, will provide all the details of EVERY game on a week to week basis!
Below we give you access to all the information going out to clubs and would like to congratulate Peter Davies (organiser) and Martin Jones (PCC Cricket Officer) for doing such a terrific job.

Martin Jones and Peter Davies


Date  Day  Time Date Day Time   Day Time
   Monday 18:30   Saturday 14:00    Sunday 11:00
09/11/20 Neyland A  Narberth 14/11/20 Llanrhian Johnston 29/11/20 Hwest A Hwest B
  Narberth Hundleton   Llanrhian Pem Dock   Hwest B  Hundleton
  Neyland A  Hundleton   Johnson Pem Dock   Neyland C  Hwest A
16/11/20 Neyland C Pem Dock 21/11/20 Neyland A  Johnston 06/12/20 Pem Dock Hwest B
  Pem Dock  Neyland B   Neyland B Johnston   Hwest B  Neyland A
  Neyland B  Neyland C   Neyland A  Neyland C   Neyland A  Pem Dock
23/11/20 Llanrhian Narberth 28/11/20 Llanrhian Hundleton 13/12/20 Johnston Neyland C
  Llanrhian Hwest A   Llanrhian Neyland C   Johnston Hwest B
  Narberth Hwest A   Neyland C Hundleton   Neyland C  Hwest B
30/11/20 Narberth Johnston 05/12/20 Neyland B Hwest A 20/12/20 Neyland B Hwest B
  Narberth Pem Dock   Pem Dock Hwest A   Narberth Hwest B
  Narberth Neyland C   Pem Dock Hundleton   Neyland B Narberth
07/12/20 Neyland A Llanrhian 12/12/20  Hundleton Hwest A      
  Neyland B  Llanrhian   Johnston Hundleton      
  Neyland A  Neyland B   Johnston Hwest A      
      19/12/20  Hundleton  Neyland B      
         Llanrhian  Hwest B      
         Hwest  A  Neyland A      

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