Indoor Cricket - 25th October 2021


Indoor Success for Llanrhian, Haverfordwest and Neyland A

Haverfordwest secured a first success, with other wins for in-form Llanrhian and Neyland A
There was delight for Haverfordwest skipper Dai Davies and his team as they won their first game of the indoor season, whilst Llanrhian maintained their 100% record and so did favourites Neyland A as they comfortably fended off a strong challenge from their own B team.

Match One


Llanrhian (112 for 4) beat Pembroke Dock A (111 for 2)

Jonathan Strawbridge - top scorer again for LlanrhianKarl Davies - runs and wickets in Llanrhian winLlanrhian continued to show what a strong side they have, even in the absence of influential skipper Nigel Delaney, as they successfully chased down a decent score from Pembroke Dock A with seven deliveries still in hand.
George Smith contributed 22, whilst Rhys Daley (26) and skipper Scott Griffiths (25) batted well before having to retire – and there was 21 from Tom Grimwood and 12 not out by Euan McDonald but tight bowling by Jonathan Strawbridge (0 for 13) and Daf Williams (0 for 17), allied to a late 2 for 23 by Karl Davies, meant that whilst The Dock score was a decent one it wasn’t unattainable.
Llanrhian suffered an early blow when Jack Jones was run out without scoring but Jonathan Strawbridge and Iwan James got their innings back on course before both retired; as did Karl Davies
Daf Williams and Llion Phillips chipped in with a few quick runs before Strawbridge returned to take them home with 35 before he was shifted by Connor Carroll, with Karl Davies adding 30 before he was run out, whilst Rhys Daley bowled well for The Dock for his 2 for 23 analysis.
Pembroke Dock A Batting:
George Smith ct Llion Williams b Karl Davies 22
Rhys Daley retired 26
Scott Griffiths retired 25
Tom Grimwood ct Jon Strawbridge b Karl Davies 21
Euan McDonald not out 12
Connor Carroll not out 3
Extras 2
Total (2 wickets) 111
Llanrhian Bowling:
Daf Williams 2-0-17-0; Jon Strawbridge 2-0-13-0; Llion Williams 2-0-30-0; Jack Jones 2-0-23-0; Karl Davies 2-0-23-2.
Llanrhian Batting:
Jon Strawbridge ct & b Connor Carroll 33
Jack Jones run out 0
Iwan James retired 26
Karl Davies retired 30
Daf Williams not out 10
Llion Williams lbw b Rhys Daley 9
Extras 4
Total (4 wickets) 112
Pembroke Dock A Bowling:
 George Smith 1.5-0-23-0; Tom Grimwood 2-0-29-0; Euan McDonald 1-0-10-0; Connor Carroll 2-0-27-1; Rhys Daley 2-0-23-1.

Match Two


Haverfordwest (128 for 4) beat Narberth (110 for 4)

Dan Hopley - excellent innings for HaverfordwestChris Phillips - played well for The TownHaverfordwest eased to their first win as they batted well against Narberth, with Daniel Hopley leading the way, and then also taking a key wicket when the opposition tried unsuccessfully to chase down their 128 for 4 and finished 19 runs short.
The Town lost Johnny White early but Richard Davies chipped in 13 before Hopley and Chris Phillips reached retirement in good time – and although Jason Stobbs went early skipper Davies chipped in with 22 not out as he batted at No 6 – and Phillips came back to be not out for 30 as Hopley (46) shared a good stand with Davies before he was stumped late on by Kyle Williams, one of three victims for the Narberth keeper.
Loui Davies and skipper Jordan Howell were unable to give Narberth the good start they needed but Lewis Hough batted well to eventually finish on 33 not out – and Wil Nicholas (12) and Rhodri Dyer (22 not out) kept Narberth in the hunt.
But The Town bowlers kept their heads and Narberth will look back on the fact that they only managed 47 in their first five overs and left themselves with 82 to find in the second half of their chase, which proved too much in the final analysis.
Haverfordwest Batting:
Johnny White ct & b Jordan Howell 4
Richard Davies st Kyle Williams b Wil Nicholas 13
Daniel Hopley st Kyle Williams b Loui Davies 46
Chris Phillips not out 30
Jason Stobbs ct Kyle Williams b Loui Davies 5
Dai Davies not out 22
Extras 8
Total (4 wickets) 128
Narberth Bowling:
Lewis Hough 2-0-19-0; Jordan Howell 2-0-21-1; Wil Nicholas 2-0-31-1; Rhodri Dyer 2-0-23-0; Loui Davies 2-0-32-2.
Narberth Batting:
Loui Davies ct Chris Phillips b Johnny White 8
Lewis Hough not out 33
Jordan Howell ct Jason Stobbs b Daniel Hopley 0
Wil Nicholas ct & b Chris Phillips 12
Kyle Williams run out 22
Rhodri Dyer not out 28
Extras 7
Total (4 wickets) 110
Haverfordwest Bowling:
Johnny White 2-0-28-1; Daniel Hopley 2-0-19-1; Richard Davies 2-0-16-0; Chris Phillips 2-0-17-1; Dai Davies 2-0-27-0.

Match Three


Neyland A (137 for 4) beat Neyland B (106 all out)

Ross Hardy - back with a bang for Neyland ATom Pritchard - bowled and batted well for Neyland BNeyland A skipper Sean Hannon knew that members of his strong B team were out to upset the applecart in this most local of derbies but the hot favourites to retain their title batted too well to amass a huge score and although The B team put up a good show they were still 32 runs short of success with eight balls still unused.
The opening threesome for Neyland A showed their experience as Nick Koomen (29 not out), Patrick Bellerby (31) and Ross Hardy (47 not out in his seasonal debut) laid a very solid base so that although Patrick Hannon, Sean Hannon, and Gregg Miller went quickly in the inevitable late search for runs there were six fours and five straight sixes in the A team tally of 137 for 4 despite 2 for 19 from Tom Pritchard as the pick of the B side’s bowling.
Lewis Page (21) and Brad McDermott-Jenkins (24) gave the B team a good start but fell respectively to Hardy and Patrick Hannon and from there on it was always going to be too big a chase as Gregg Miller turned the screw with 2 for 21 and Hardy finished things off with 2 for 14.
Jamie Smith (14) and No 6 batsman Tom Pritchard (21) showed stout resistance but Neyland A remain undefeated after another strong performance to confirm their undoubted pedigree.
Neyland A Batting:
Nick Koomen not out 29
Patrick Bellerby run out 31
Ross Hardy not out 47
Patrick Hannon ct Brad McDermott-Jenkins b Tom Pritchard 11
Sean Hannon ct Brad McDermott-Jenkins b George Evans 4
Gregg Miller ct Steve Murray b Tom Pritchard 8
Extras 7
Total (4 wickets) 137
Neyland B Bowling:
Steve Murray 2-0-20-0; Jamie Smith 2-0-33-0; Brad McDermott-Jenkins 2-0-31-0; George Evans 2-0-25-1; Tom Pritchard 2-0-19-2.
Neyland B Batting:
Lewis Page b Ross Hardy 21
Brad McDermott-Jenkins b Patrick Hannon 24
George Evans ct Nick Koomen b Gregg Miller 10
Jamie Smith run out 14
Steve Murray ct Nick Koomen b Gregg Miller 4
Tom Pritchard ct & b Ross Hardy 21
Extras 12
Total (all out) 106
Neyland A Bowling:
Gregg Miller 2-0-21-2; Patrick Bellerby 2-0-19-0; Sean Hannon 1-0-21-0; Ross Hardy 1.4-0-14-2; Patrick Hannon 2-0-21-1.