Indoor Cricket - 19th October 2021

Indoor Cricket continues apace at The Hub in Neyland

There was some entertaining cricket played at The Hub in Neyland on Monday evening as Pembroke Dock ‘B’, Hundleton and Neyland ‘C’ all gained victories, two of them coming very late in the team’s allotted ten overs – and all played in excellent spirit with umpires Chris Stapleton and Steve Williams doing a good job as match officials.

The Dock win well against old-timers


The Veterans (81 all out) lost to Pembroke Dock B (82 for 0)

Kevin Bowen - 34 for The Vets in the first gameLuke Murray helped The Dock beat the VeteransPembroke Dock ‘B’ strolled to victory over the aptly-named Veterans’ team as they restricted the old timers to 81 all out in only 7.2 overs and then reached their target without losing a wicket as they put pressure on the older opposition with their running between the wickets.
Yet the vets made a solid start as Kevin Bowen batted well before retirement on 25 and although Neal Williams was run out for 10, Leighton O’Connor showed he is still a class act before he fell for 22 to a catch by Peter Kingdom off Niall Brunton, who then shifted Stuart Carpenter for a duck.
Filgi Varghese was run out for 7 and Rod Murphy was adjudged lbw to Kingdom without scoring before Bowen returned to the crease and reached 34 before he became the third run out victim with 16 balls unused.
The Dock then showed their greater awareness of the needs of indoor cricket and Jake Davies and Luke Murray hit the individual retirement target, and then Nick Daley (8) and Kingdom (14) saw them home as they only used 7.4 of their allotted ten overs.
Veterans’ Batting:
Kevin Bowen run out 34
Neal Williams run out 10
Leighton O’Connor ct Peter Kingdom b Niall Brunton 22
Stuart Carpenter b Niall Brunton 0
Filgi Varghese run out 7
Rod Murphy lbw b Peter Kingdom 0
Extras: 8
Total (all out) 81
Pembroke Dock ‘B’ Bowling:
Nick Daley 1.2-0-13-0; Peter Kingdom 2-0-17-1; Luke Murray 1-0-8-0; Jake  Davies 1-0-18-0; Niall Brunton 2-0-22-2
Pembroke Dock ‘B’ Batting:
Jake Davies retired 27
Luke Murray retired 25
Nick Daley not out 8
Peter Kingdom not out 14
Extras 8
Total (0 wickets) 82
Veterans’ Bowling:
Kevin Bowen 1.4-0-13-0; Stuart Carpenter 2-0-18-0; Leighton O’Connor 2-0-28-0; Filgi Varghese 1-0-11-0; Rod Murphy 1-0-10-0.

Hundleton win in exciting finish

Neyland C (92 for 5) lost to Hundleton (93 for 5)

Leighton O Connor - still going strong for the VeteransNeyland C looked likely to make a good score against Hundleton as Callum Power and Nathan Sutton opened their innings before Sutton (24) suffered the unusual  dismissal of ‘hit wicket’ to Stuart McNiffe, who then shifted Aiden Rees (4) from a return catch in his 2 for 19 spell.
Sam Laugharne failed to score as he was caught and bowled by Lockyer, Rhys Beavis fell cheaply to Ben Adams from a Paul Fox catch and Dylan Rowlands was another run out cheaply.
So it was left to Callum Power to give their final tally an air of respectability with an excellent 52 not out from their allotted ten overs – perhaps 20 runs fewer than they might have hoped for at the half-way stage.
Ben Adams and Paul Fox also gave Hundleton a solid start before the latter was bowled by Rhys Beavis for 19 but Adams was joined by the in-form Lockyer before both had to retire – and then Steffan Williams (3), McNiffe (4) and Stu Midgeley (0) came and went quickly so that Messrs Adams and Lockyer returned to take Hundleton within sight of success before Lockyer was run out for 30.
Rhys Beavis was again the pick of the Neyland bowlers with 2 for 18 but Adams kept his head well and managed to hit the winning runs off the last ball of the match and give his team a first victory of their campaign as reward.
Neyland C Batting:
Callum Power not out 52
Nathan Sutton hit wicket b Stuart McNiffe 24
Aiden Rees ct & b Stuart McNiffe 4
Sam Laugharne ct & b David Lockyer 0
Rhys Beavis ct Paul Fox b Ben Adams 1
Dylan Rowlands run out 5
Extras 6
Total (5 wickets) 92
Hundleton Bowling:
Steffan Williams 2-0-15-0; Ben Adams 2-0-18-1; Paul Fox 2-0-17-0; Stuart McNiffe 2-0-19-2; David Lockyer 2-0-19-2
Hundleton Batting:
Ben Adams not out 31
Paul Fox b Rhys Beavis 19
David Lockyer run out 30
Steffan Williams run out 0
Stuart McNiffe run out 4
Stuart Midgeley b Rhys Beavis 3
Extras 6
Total (5 wickets) 93
Neyland C Bowling:
Sam Laugharne 2-0-13-0; Aiden Rees 2-0-20-0; Callum Power 2-0-19-0; Rhys Beavis 2-0-18-2; Nathan Sutton 2-0-23-0.

Callum powers Neyland C to first victory


Veterans (118 for 5) lost to Neyland C (120 for 2)

Rhys Beavis Helped Neyland beat the VeteransCallum Power - led Neyland by example against HundletonNeyland celebrated their first win of the competition as they won an exciting clash against The Veterans as Callum Power continued his excellent batting form and hit the winning three runs from the penultimate ball of the final game of the evening.
Yet The Vets suffered an early setback as Kevin Bowen was caught by Beavis off Power for a duck but Andrew Williams (29) and O’Connor batted really well for 45 in two visits to the crease but both were run out.
Filgi Varghese was the second batsmen to be out ‘hit wicket’ and Mark Hicks then went without making major contributions and it was left to David Haynes to take the old stagers to 118 for 5 as he stroked 29 not out and his little legs took him to some sharp runs.
Then Power led the Neyland C reply and although Laugharne was caught by Williams off Varghese there were good innings by Aiden Rees (28 not out) and  Beavis (bowled by Williams for 27) before Power enjoyed his second ‘not out’ innings of the evening – and Neyland were good value for victory!
Veterans’ Batting:
Kevin Bowen ct Rhys Beavis b Callum Power 0
Andrew Williams run out 29
Leighton O’Connor run out 45
Filgi Varghese hit wicket b Nathan Sutton 3
David Haynes not out 29
Mark Hicks ct & b Aiden Rees
Extras 6
Total (118 for 5)
Neyland C Bowling:
Callum Power 2-0-18-1; Sam Laugharne 2-0-28-0; Nathan Sutton 2-0-28-1; Thys Beavis 2-0-23-0; Aiden Rees 2-0-20-1
Neyland C Batting:
Callum Power not out 34
Sam Laugharne ct Andrew Williams b Filgi Varghese 11
Aiden Rees not out 28
Rhys Beavis retired 27
Nathan Sutton b Andrew Williams 6
Dylan Rowlands 0
Extras 14
Total (2 wickets) 120
Veterans’ Bowling:
Kevin Bowen 1.5-0-20-0; Mark Hicks 2-020-0; Filgi Varghese 2-0-17-1; Leighton O’Connor 2-0-33-0; Andrew Williams 2-0-30-1.