Herbie loses its 'Father Figure' Reg

Reg celebrates with wife JosieSport in the village of Herbrandston is a sadder place this week with the passing of Reg Owens, who has been hugely involved in all that has gone on there over many, many years, including oversight of the sports pitches and the superb clubhouse that is now used by the cricket and football teams.

I first knew Reg when I was a staff governor in school and Reg’s work with Pembrokeshire County Council brought him into contact with us – and I immediately felt that this was a straight-talking gentleman of great integrity – and pretty soon afterwards I found he was also the same with regard to sport in Herbie.

What struck me from the outset was the fact that although Reg couldn’t play sport because of a childhood illness he was totally immersed in it and commanded great respect for his depth of knowledge, not only in Herbie but amongst the rest of the sporting fraternity – and I really enjoyed conversations with him where he wasn’t ever afraid to speak his mind!

Reg and his children Nichola, Lucy and RhysThe words ‘great character’ or ‘gentleman of sport’ have almost become cliches but there is absolutely no doubt that both perfectly describe Reg Owens and my thoughts go out to Josie, Nichola, Lucy and Rhys – and I will miss meeting up with him from time to time and enjoying the company of a sportsman I had terrific respect for.

Bill Carne
Gordon Thomas and I at PembrokeshireSport.co.uk are pleased to publish the lovely tribute paid to Reg on behalf of Herbrandston’s sporting fraternity – and would like to thank Andrew Williams, Dai Malloy and Gary Davies for letting us use it.
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our chairman, Mr Reg Owens, who passed away at home surrounded by his family on Saturday 10th February.

Reggie was well known and well respected throughout our county and will be sorely missed by many. A staunch supporter of our club, but was never afraid to tell the boys when he thought performances were below par and would be keen to tell you where you went wrong over a pint or two in the club afterwards.

Advice that was always passed on with a glint in his eye and a grin on his face. This was usually followed by tales of old and would keep everyone entertained long into the night. Tales we never knew if they were true or not, but as Reg would say “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.

Reg presents Charlie Malloy his county capAs a club we are devastated at the loss of a larger-than-life character who was the heartbeat of our club.

His tireless work behind the scenes, alongside his wife Josie, would often go unnoticed but without it Herbrandston Cricket Club would simply not exist and for that we shall be forever grateful. Some may not know but Reggie was one of driving forces in bringing cricket to the village and has served as chairman for over 40 years. A role he loved and carried out with real passion.

Andy Williams, club groundsman and long-time friend of Reggie, summed up the feelings of everyone in saying……..

“ ‘Legend’ is used too loosely nowadays. Someone scores the winning try or goal, hits the winning runs or takes the last wicket to win the game they’re called “legend “!!!! But without people like our great friend, leader and driving force our village and sporting community would be a poorer place. Reg - a true LEGEND. Good bye my friend”

More importantly Reg was a very proud family man and our thoughts are with his wife Josie, his children Nichola, Lucy and Rhys and his grandchildren Euan, Gregor, Mostyn, Elwyn, Millie and Merryl.

God bless you Reg, your innings has come to an end and in your own words “it weren’t half bad was it”. Rest easy now and on behalf of Herbrandston Cricket Club we simply say… .thank you.

Reg with a Herbie team of yesteryear