A special family quartet – and remarkable veterans at Narberth Cricket Club

The Johns family Bobby SimonsThere was a special moment when Narberth 2nds entertained their counterparts from St Ishmaels recently in a match in Division Four of the Pembroke County Cricket League, with three generations of the well-known Johns family playing for them.
Mike, who at 71 years young has played for the club for well over 50 years, opened the Narberth batting and top scored with 29, whilst son Davey claimed 2 for 19 with his canny bowling - and his son Noah didn’t bat or bowl but fielded really well and at 13 has a promising cricketing career ahead at The Lewis Lloyd Ground.
There was also a fourth member of the Johns’ family also heavily involved because Mike’s wife Gwyneth was scoring the game, as she has done for many years - and of course we are far too gentlemanly at PembrokeshireSport.co.uk to mention a lady’s age!

224 years shared by Mike, Bobby and Nick

Mike JohnsNicky EvansBut Mike’s age also added another dimension to a different trio at the club as he played alongside two more ‘old warriors’ helping out Narberth on the day because they had some younger team members unavailable.
One of similar age was Bobby Simons, who has done so much coaching work at club and county levels as well as being a useful opening bat in his many years at Narberth - and Nick Evans, who is the president of the Pembroke County Cricket Club, has played for many years in the county and played the game in so many amazing other countries for a range of counties across Wales and England.
Nick is now a very young-looking EIGHTY ONE and can still bowl his canny off-spin for an over or two so this talented Narberth trio had a combined age of 224 years and we wondered if there had ever been a more ancient threesome playing local cricket - and we are sure that if there has been then you will be sure to let us know!