2021 Indoor Cricket Season - an unqualified success

Winners - Neyland A

The 2021 Indoor Cricket Season has been an unqualified success as six teams competed in the ‘A’ Division and another four in Division ‘B’, and every fixture has been completed, even if there were odd times where teams had to play with only five players – but always with a competitive spirit – and always with a real sense of camaraderie that has pleased organiser Peter ‘Jack’ Davies.
And make no mistake, much of the success has to be parked at Peter’s feet because he was determined from the outset that games would be played, rather than points deducted or teams fined – and with the full co-operation of all clubs involved he has managed to do that by switching fixtures to help those genuinely struggling on odd occasions; and that has rubbed off on all the competing teams!

Peter was superb at running the competition but enjoyed mixed fortunes as a player!

Peter has been in attendance at almost every game at the Neyland Hub, other than when Covid struck in his family, and he has umpired when needed alongside gaining a real expertise in operating the electronic scoreboard, always encouraging everyone with his ready smile and cheery word.
Mind you, Peter wasn’t quite so successful in playing on his only jaunt into the cricket when he turned out once for Neyland C against Hundleton and after prodding at a couple of balls by Jonathan ‘Taffy’ Williams was rapped on the pads and given out lbw for a duck.
He took some fearful ‘stick’ but certainly gained a little measure of revenge when he became one of the very few bowlers this campaign that not only bowled a maiden over but took a wicket in the process!

Phil Tallett presents the trophy to Sean Hannon

Deserved thanks for Martin, Patrick and Sean

It is typical of Peter that he is very quick to play down his part in the indoor season as organiser and eager to praise those who have helped him behind the scenes, none more so than Martin Jones.

“Martin has dealt with the Covid protocols and compliance with Cricket Wales regulations, as well as more mundane things like making sure the superb facilities were always booked well in advance,” Peter told us.
“Patrick Hannon has also been heavily involved, especially with sorting out the social media for the league, taking photographs and running the successful Fantasy League competition that was won by Brad McDermott-Jenkins (Neyland B), with Andrew Williams (Pembs Veterans) second and Nathan Sutton (Neyland C) in third place after leading for much of the way.
“Then there has been Sean Hannon, the club captain, who has mucked in wherever he has been needed – and when I was side-lined this trio took over the reins and did all the basic graft like putting out all the equipment and making sure all the net curtains were properly in place.

The organisers - Peter Davies and Martin Jones (front), Sean and Patrick Hannon (back)

Great commitment from umpires and scorers

Fantasy League winner - Brad McDermott Jenkins“I would also like to thank regular umpires Steve Williams and Chris Stapleton (Hundleton), Rob Bellerby and Allan Hansen (Neyland) – and scorers of the calibre of Nicola Murray, Rebecca Sander, Kacey Arran; John Laugharne, Jason Price and Richard Howell.

“We were delighted that this season’s competition was sponsored by the Pembrokeshire Groundsmanship Association and it was appropriate that Phil Tallett, their hon secretary, was able to attend and present the splendid trophy to Neyland A captain, Sean Hannon.
“I have also been grateful for the press coverage, especially from PembrokeshireSport.co.uk, who have provided match reports, scorecards and pictures for every match.”
Also in attendance was Richard Merriman (the chairman of the Pembroke CCC) who presented medals to the winners and runners-up – and all those at the Neyland Hub agreed that the season had been a great success, with the promise of more teams joining for 2022!             

Umpires - Rob Bellerby, Allan Hansen, Steve Williams and Peter Davies (Chris Stapleton was unable to attend)  John Laugharne, Rebecca Sander, Kacey Arran, Richard Howell and Peter Davies. (Nicola Murray and Jason Price were unable to attend)