Welsh media and fans are fickle - Wayne Pivac is a top class coach

Wayne Pivac celebrates Triple Crown with his coaches


All I can constantly hear from the Wales media and fans is Wayne Pivac the right man to take our national team forward? writes Gordon Thomas.

The honest answer is I don’t know. I can investigate my crystal ball but believe me I cannot predict what the future holds for any of the international teams.

But what I do know is Pivac is an excellent coach and anyone who takes on the role of head coach of Wales needs time to bed in to implement his style and ideas to get the squad on board.

Baptism of fire

Pivac had a baptism of fire at the beginning of his tenure, as he walked into the massive successful footsteps of fellow New Zealander Warren Gatland. They’re indeed extremely big boots to fill.

Yes, the results were poor, the media and fans were quick to put their comments of: ‘Pivac out’ in the papers and on social media as he was in my opinion unfairly lambasted from every corner.

He had done a superb job at the Scarlets and was the number one candidate for the top job as he was rightly handed the reigns of the national team.

Results business

The professional era is all about winning as it is a results business, there is no time to explore and experiment in building a new team which Pivac tried against the grain in the autumn.

Defeats against France, England, Ireland, and Scotland saw the doubters call for his head as he experimented with new blood and different style of play to the much-revered Warren Ball era.

Winning and losing international rugby is usually fine margins, lets be honest Wales have constantly punched above their weight, it’s a small country population wise, we should all be extremely proud of having produced so many world class players over the decades, this is to be appreciated and applauded.

So called experts

What really amuses me is the fact when the going gets tough when Wales lose games, we all feel we should all jump on the band wagon and criticise - thinking we’re all so called experts. Everyone has an opinion, and you are entitled to one.

But those who have never picked up a rugby ball really don’t understand the mechanics of the game are more than happy to add their insults to individuals who by the way have feelings.

Rugby fans love to think they could do a better job than Pivac with comments like: ‘he should have picked so and so in that position’, ‘the coaches don’t know what they are doing, they’re rubbish.’  ‘There is no game plan or structure.’ etc, etc.

Grand Slam in sights with Triple Crown secured

To my utter amazement (no surprise) the fans and media are now right behind Wales after they have claimed Six Nations victories over Ireland, Scotland and England winning the Triple Crown!

Wales have Italy and France left to play in the competition, if Pivac’s men can deliver then they will capture the Grand Slam!

Of course, if that magnificent feat happens then everything in the garden will be of cause rosy for Mr Pivac and his backroom staff.

Leaving me with the opinion that Welsh rugby is in very good hands no matter what we all like think, we all must accept the rough with the smooth.

 Eddie Jones is feeling the heat

No team has a divine right to win everything as England coach Eddie Jones is now experiencing having his camp heavily criticised and questioned after defeats at the hands of Scotland and Wales.

Don't forget England were World Cup finalists and won last season’s Six Nations. Boy can things can quickly change.

Wales fans need to enjoy the good times then of course celebrate, but please remember when the going gets tough we all must show solidarity and strong support for the Pivac’s boys. Don’t be fickle!