Youth Rugby - Results

2 November 2019

Aberaeron 0-14 Whitland
    Tries: Brandon Williams (2)
Cons: Iolo Rees (2)
Cardigan P-P Haverfordwest
Crymych P-P Narberth
Pembroke 52-0 Pembroke Dock Quins
Tries: Evan Sheldon (2), Kyren Gray (2),
Theo Davies (2), Matthew Lewis,
James Jones
Cons: Jarred Sherratt (6)
Tenby United 50-0 Milford Haven
Tries: Connor Brodbent (2), Callum Earland (2),
Jack Gooding, Oakley Roberts,
Ollie Brown, Jake Roberts
Cons: Harry Rossiter (4), Jake Roberts

19 October 2019

Aberaeron 24-17 Milford Haven
Tries: Morgan Williams (2),
Hedin Williams, Rhys Davies
Cons: Steffan Dafydd Jones (2)
Pembroke Dock Quins 0-54 Narberth
    Tries:  Leon Whalley (3), Dylan Walsh (2),
Harvey Jones, Jac Norcross,
Aled Davies
Cons: Harri Harries (7)
Fishguard P-P Aberystwyth
*Waterlogged pitch    
Pembroke 50-0 Haverfordwest
Tries: Liam Brunton, Morgan Owens,
James Jones (3), Theo Davies,
Jo Watkins, Eljay Taylor
Cons: Jarred Sharatt (5)
Tenby United 19-3 Whitland

12 October 2019

Pembroke Dock Quins 20-22 Milford Haven
Tries: Jamie Topp (2), Kobey Thomas
No other scorers available
  Ethan Thomas, Joel Yeomans,
Dylan Jones
Con: Oliver Rothero (2)
Pen: Oliver Rothero
Haverfordwest 43-7 Fishguard
Tries: Brad John (2); Jack Blockwell,
Lee Davies; Ben Mathias-Milsom;
Lewis Tangay, Jack Evans
Cons: Johnny White (4)
  Try: Frank Dom
Con: Creegan Foot
Aberaeron 14-52 Crymych
Tries: Osian Rees-Davies (2)
Cons: Steffan Dafydd-Jones (2)
  Tries: Rhydian Howells (2); Ifan Davies (2);
Gethin Greenhalgh, Osian Hill;
Ioan Evans, Owain Evans
Cons: Ioan Evans; Ioan Evans (5),
Narberth 12-5 Tenby United
Tries: Jordan James, Sam Davies
Con: Harri Harries
  *No scorer available
Whitland 10-15 Pembroke
Try: Brandon Williams
Con: Iolo Rees
Pen: Iolo Rees
  Tries: Matthew Lewis; Dewi Robb;
Rhys Griffiths

5 October 2019

Aberaeron P-P Crymych
Whitland 17-57 Crymych
Tries: Rhys Homfray, Dom Davies (2)
Cons: Dom Davies (2)
  Tries: Ifan Davies (4), Rhydian Howells (2)
Joe E Marl, Ellir George
Cons: Osian Hill (7)
Pen: Osian Hill
Fishguard P-P Whitland
Pembroke P-P Narberth
Pembroke Dock Quins P-P Haverfordwest
Tenby United P-P Milford Haven

21 September 2019

Crymych C-C Cardigan
    **Cardigan no longer in the league**
Haverfordwest 12-50 Aberystwyth
Tries: Will Blackburn, Lewis Tingay
Con: Johnny White
  Tries: Jac Jones (2), Mason Jones (2)
Aled Hywel, Ryan Richard,
Josh Cox, Simon Davies
Cons: Mason Jones (5)
Pembroke 33-14 Milford Haven
Tries: Harvey Oakley (2), Morgan Owens,
James Allen; Joe Walters,
Cons: Kyren Grey (4)
  Tries: Joel Yeomans (2)
Cons: Aaron Davies (2)
Narberth 56-13 Fishguard
Tries: Josh Hammer (2), Leon Whalley (2),
Harvey Jones (2), Harri Harries,
Sam Davies, Jordan James
Cons: Harri Harries (3)
  Tries: Tom Lewis
Con: Aled Lewis
Pen: Aled Lewis
DG: Aled Lewis
St Davids v Tenby United
Whitland P-P Pembroke Dock Quins
    **Quins unable to field a team**

14 September 2019

Aberystwyth 43-26 Whitland
Tries: Harri Mason, Austin Ellis-Jones,
Robert Bryan, Eoan Morris,
Sion Evans, Dylan Davies
Cons: Mason Jones (4)
  Tries: Sam Clarke, Brandon Williams (2),
Tiger Lloyd
Cons: Iolo Rees (3)
Cardigan P-P Aberaeron
**Cardigan withdrawn from the league    
Fishguard P-P Milford Haven
    **Milford Haven again unable to raise a team
Pembroke P-P St Davids
    **St Davids unable to raise a team
Pembroke Dock Quins P-P Narberth
**Quins unable to raise a team    
Tenby United P-P Crymych
    **Crymych unable to raise a team

7 September 2019

Aberaeron 7-37 Tenby United
Try: Bleddyn Thomas
Con: Steffan dafydd-John
*Referee: Dylan Edwards
Crymych 10-34 Pembroke
Try: Gethin Greenhalgh
Con: Ifan Davies
Pen Ifan Davies
*Stephen P Harries
  Tries: James John; Theo Davies;
Matthew O'Neill; Eljay Taylor (2)
Cons: Jarred Sharett (3)
Pen: Jarerd Shattett
Milford Haven P-P Pembroke Dock Quins
Milford unable to raise a team
Narberth 40-0 Aberystwyth
Tries: Harvey Jones (3); Leon Whalley;
Owain Hughes; Jack Norcross
Cons: Lewis Hough (5)
*Referee: Andrew Thomas
St Davids 10-42 Fishguard
*Referee: Andrew Thompson
  Tries: Tom Lewis (2); Max Jones (2);
Owen Swaine; Kieran Owens;
Jack Codd
Cons: George Foot (2)
Pen: Aled Lewis
Whitland 48-21 Haverfordwest
Dan Davies (3); Cian Williams;
Brandon Williams; Scott Lewis;
Iolo Rees
Cons: Iolo Rees (3), Cian Williams
*Referee: Joseph Kiff
  Lee Davies; Will Blackburn;
Jack Evans
Cons: Johnny White (3)