Junior Union - Fixtures 2015-16

September 5th 2015

  Crymych C-C Cardigan
  *Cardigan failed to raise a team    
  Pembroke C-C Pembroke Dock Quins
  *Pembroke Dock Quins failed to raise a team    
  Tenby United 5-12 Narberth
  Try: Ashley Bonser   Pens: James Davies (4)
  Newport (*Friendly match) 29-26 Haverfordwest
  Tries: Matthew Evans; Nathan Ryman;
Bleddyn Phillips; Rhys Stillwell;
Andrew Fletcher
Cons: Tom Reece (2)
  Haverfordwest scorers not available
  Aberystwyth P-P Whitland
  *Match postponed by mutual agreement - to be replayed    

September 12th 2015

  Cardigan 24-17 Whitland
  John Lumb (2), Anthony Studley,
Marcus Cuttle
Cons: John Lumb (2)
  Tries: Ollie Morgan, Jack Bowen
Jamie Harris
Con: Shane Morgan
  Haverfordwest 10-34 Aberystwyth
  Try: Olly Haylett
Con: Dave McCallum
Pen: Olly Hatlett
  Tries: Shaun Gopalaw, Gwion Phillips,
Matthew Rose, Lewis Prince,
Colin McCarthy, Rhur Dafydd
Cons: Rhodri James (2)
  Narberth P-P Newport
  *Postponed by muual consent - to be arranged    
  Pembroke Dock Quins C-C Tenby United
  *Quins unable to field a team    
  Crymych C-C Pembroke
  *Pembroke unable to field a team   Crymych beat Narberth 45-9 in a friendly"

September 19th 2015

  Pembroke C-C Cardigan
  *Cardigan could not raise a team    
  Tenby United 3-36 Crymych
  Newport C-C Pembroke Dock
  *Newport could not raise a team    
  Narberth 46-5 Aberystwyth
  Tries: Jack Murphy, Thomas Rees,
Jack Phillips, Nathan Evans (3),
David Burger,
Cons: James Davies (4)
Pen: James Davies
  Try: Robert Rudge
  Whitland C-C Haverfordwest
  *Haverfordwest called game off    

September 26th 2015

  Cardigan 61-0 Haverfordwest
  Narberth 31-10 Whitland
  Aberystwyth P-P Pembroke Dock
  Crymych 56-0 Newport
  Pembroke P-P Tenby United

October 3rd 2015

  Tenby United 29-15 Cardigan
  Newport P-P Pembroke
  Aberystwyth 3-62 Crymych
  Whitland P-P Pembroke Dock
  Haverfordwest 3-34 Narberth

October 10th 2015

  Cardigan P-P Narberth
  Pembroke Dock P-P Haverfordwest
  Crymych P-P Whitland
  Pembroke  P-P Aberystwyth
  Tenby United P-P Newport

October 17th 2015

  Newport  3-21 Cardigan
  Aberystwyth P-P Tenby United
  Whitland 75-7 Pembroke
  Haverfordwest 0-90 Crymych
      Tries: Richard Thomas (2), Tomos Jones (3);
Owain Richards (4), Arewel Davies,
Richard Thorne (2), Andrew Fletcher,
Richard Harries
Cons: Aled Davies (10)
  Narberth 59-0 Pembroke Dock

October 24th 2015

  Cardigan 29-5 Aberystwyth
  Whitland P-P Newport
  *Newport cried off    
  Haverfordwest 57-22 Tenby United
  Narberth P-P Pembroke
  *Pembroke cried off    
  Pembroke Dock 0-125 Crymych

November 7th 2015

  Cardigan P-P Pembroke Dock
  Crymych P-P Narberth
  Pembroke P-P Haverfordwest
  Tenby United 17-29 Whitland
  Aberystwyth 0-61 Newport

November 14th 2015

  Cardigan P-P Tenby United
  Pembroke 0-27 Newport
  Pembroke Dock P-P Whitland
  Narberth P-P Haverfordwest
  Crymych P-P Aberystwyth

November 21st 2015

  Cardigan P-P Crymych
  Pembroke Dock P-P Pembroke
  Narberth P-P Tenby United
  Haverfordwest P-P Newport
  Whitland P-P Aberystwyth

November 28th 2015

  Whitland P-P Cardigan
  Aberystwyth P-P Haverfordwest
  Newport 10-14 Narberth
  Tenby United P-P Pembroke Dock
  Pembroke 0-46 Crymych

December 5th 2015

  Haverfordwest P-P Cardigan
  *Waterlogged pitch    
  Whitland P-P Narberth
  *Waterlogged pitch    
  Pembroke Dock P-P Aberystwyth
  *Quins unable to field a team    
  Newport 0-31 Crymych
  Tenby United P-P Pembroke
      *Pembroke unable to raise a team

December 12th 2015

  Cardigan P-P Pembroke
  Crymych P-P Tenby United
  Pembroke Dock P-P Newport
  Aberystwyth P-P Narberth
  Haverfordwest P-P Whitland

January 2nd 2016

  Narberth v Cardigan
  Haverfordwest v Pembroke Dock
  Whitland v Crymych
  Aberystwyth v Pembroke
  Newport v Tenby United

January 9th 2016

  Pembroke P-P Whitland
  Tenby United  P-P Aberystwyth
  Pembroke Dock P-P Narberth
  Crymych P-P Haverfordwest
  Cardigan P-P Newport

January 16th 2016

  Tenby United 10-75 Haverfordwest
  Crymych 13-0 Newcastle Emlyn
  Pembroke 19-15 Narberth

January 23rd 2016

  Pembroke 24-12 Whitland
  Aberystwyth 10-34 Cardigan

March 5th 2016

  Crymych 24-0 Narberth
  Pembroke 27-14 Haverfordwest