JD Cymru Premier - Results


13 January 2024

Aberystwyth Town24Barry Town United
Cardiff Met University22Caernarfon Town
Colwyn Bay23Pontypridd United
Haverfordwest County23Bala Town
Penybont01Connahs Quay Nomads
The New Saints31Newtown

6 January 2024

Barry Town United40Newtown
The New Saints80Cardiff Met University

5 January 2024

Aberystwyth Town10Colwyn Bay

31 December 2023

Caernarfon Town21Colwyn Bay
Connahs Quay Nomads04The New Saints
Penybont10Pontypridd United

30 December 2023

Aberystwyth Town11Haverfordwest County
Bala Town21Newtown
Barry Town United00Cardiff Met University

26 December 2023

Cardiff Met University03Penybont
Colwyn Bay23Bala Town
Haverfordwest County20Barry Town United
Newtown12Connahs Quay Nomads
Pontypridd United20Aberystwyth Town
The New Saints21Caernarfon Town

23 December 2023

Haverfordwest County01The New Saints

16 December 2023

Bala Town01Cardiff Met University
Caernarfon Town01Haverfordwest County
Connahs Quay Nomads31Pontypridd United
The New Saints30Penybont

2 December 2023

Cardiff Met University42Aberystwyth Town
Connahs Quay Nomads70Barry Town United
Newtown42Colwyn Bay
Penybont02Bala Town
Pontypridd United12Caernarfon Town

29 November 2023

Colwyn Bay23Connahs Quay Nomads

28 November 2023

Aberystwyth Town13The New Saints
Bala Town11Caernarfon Town
Barry Town United11Penybont
Haverfordwest County11Cardiff Met University
Newtown31Pontypridd United

25 November 2023

Colwyn Bay21Penybont

19 November 2023

Caernarfon Town23Barry Town United
Connahs Quay Nomads12Haverfordwest County
Pontypridd United03Colwyn Bay

17 November 2023

Aberystwyth Town23Bala Town

14 November 2023

Aberystwyth Town01Newtown

4 November 2023

Bala Town00Pontypridd United
Barry Town United01Aberystwyth Town
Caernarfon Town24Penybont
Cardiff Met University31Connahs Quay Nomads
Haverfordwest County50Colwyn Bay
Newtown02The New Saints

31 October 2023

The New Saints61Colwyn Bay

28 October 2023

Colwyn Bay01Barry Town United
Newtown11Haverfordwest County
Pontypridd United13Cardiff Met University
The New Saints20Bala Town

27 October 2023

Connahs Quay Nomads61Caernarfon Town
Penybont02Aberystwyth Town

21 October 2023

Bala Town20Haverfordwest County
Barry Town United26The New Saints
Caernarfon Town51Cardiff Met University
Pontypridd United03Connahs Quay Nomads

18 October 2023

Connahs Quay Nomads11Bala Town

17 October 2023

Barry Town United20Pontypridd United
Caernarfon Town30Aberystwyth Town
Cardiff Met University21Newtown
Haverfordwest County32Penybont

7 October 2023

Bala Town21Colwyn Bay
Newtown40Caernarfon Town
Penybont14The New Saints
Pontypridd United20Haverfordwest County

6 October 2023

Aberystwyth Town11Connahs Quay Nomads
Cardiff Met University21Barry Town United

30 September 2023

Barry Town United03Caernarfon Town
Colwyn Bay22Cardiff Met University
Connahs Quay Nomads42Penybont
Haverfordwest County30Aberystwyth Town
Newtown10Bala Town
The New Saints40Pontypridd United

27 September 2023

Bala Town01Aberystwyth Town

26 September 2023

Caernarfon Town13The New Saints
Cardiff Met University11Haverfordwest County
Connahs Quay Nomads21Colwyn Bay
Penybont10Barry Town United
Pontypridd United01Newtown

23 September 2023

Barry Town United31Bala Town
Caernarfon Town10Pontypridd United
Colwyn Bay24Newtown
Haverfordwest County13Connahs Quay Nomads

22 September 2023

Aberystwyth Town12Penybont
Cardiff Met University15The New Saints

16 September 2023

Connahs Quay Nomads40Cardiff Met University
Newtown20Barry Town United
Penybont32Caernarfon Town
Pontypridd United00Bala Town
The New Saints51Haverfordwest County

15 September 2023

Colwyn Bay31Aberystwyth Town

13 September 2023

Bala Town00The New Saints

9 September 2023

Aberystwyth Town24Caernarfon Town
Barry Town United14Connahs Quay Nomads
Haverfordwest County04Newtown
Penybont01Colwyn Bay

8 September 2023

Cardiff Met University20Pontypridd United

2 September 2023

Bala Town21Penybont
Colwyn Bay12Haverfordwest County
Pontypridd United10Barry Town United

1 September 2023

Caernarfon Town04Connahs Quay Nomads
Newtown21Cardiff Met University
The New Saints60Aberystwyth Town

29 August 2023

Aberystwyth Town01Pontypridd United
Barry Town United22Haverfordwest County
Caernarfon Town11Bala Town
Colwyn Bay01The New Saints
Connahs Quay Nomads31Newtown
Penybont00Cardiff Met University

26 August 2023

Cardiff Met University10Colwyn Bay
Haverfordwest County11Caernarfon Town
Newtown00Aberystwyth Town
The New Saints22Barry Town United

25 August 2023

Bala Town10Connahs Quay Nomads
Pontypridd United00Penybont

19 August 2023

Barry Town United11Colwyn Bay
Cardiff Met University00Bala Town
Pontypridd United01The New Saints

18 August 2023

Caernarfon Town21Newtown
Connahs Quay Nomads40Aberystwyth Town
Penybont20Haverfordwest County

13 August 2023

Colwyn Bay04Caernarfon Town

12 August 2023

Aberystwyth Town01Cardiff Met University
Bala Town10Barry Town United

11 August 2023

Haverfordwest County00Pontypridd United
The New Saints62Connahs Quay Nomads

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