Bluebirds' ground staff and supporters still busy at Bridge Meadow!

Alan Thomas and ground staff repair the surface Football in the JD Cymru Premier League might have ended for the 2020/21 campaign but as well as plans to strengthen the squad for the next campaign a great deal of hard work is also going on at the Bridge Meadow Stadium as the ground staff and eager members of the Bluebirds Supporters Club have already spent a busy first week on the pitch.
In the first four days it has been scarified, spiked, drill-seeded  (20 bags of seed), and 60 ton of sand laid down.

A lot of work was also done on the far goalmouth after the ravages of playing a lot of football at the ground and the centre spot and penalty spots have been laid with artificial turf – so that “it is sure to be like Wembley”, said one of those involved!

Plenty of sand is spread in the Meadow

Lots of effort – but still time to ‘stand and stare’!

Leading the repairs/renovations are groundsmen Kevin Haldane and Kevin Craig, with Alan Thomas (Stadium Manager) and Eddie Bunston also helping alongside John and Henry Boot, the pitch contractors from Lydstep, alongside Tudor Griffiths, from Coxheath Farm  in Camrose, whose tractor was a great help in loading up seeds and sand!
It was a busy, but successful week in providing the hallowed turf at the Bridge Meadow Stadium with en end-of-season boost but, as our picture by Mark Murison, the club’s academy director suggests, there was still time to have a group examination of a minor blip in the playing surface!
But well done everyone – and keep up the good work!

Grass seed spread on Bridge Meadow