Netball Leagues - Adult and Juniors Results - 24th and 27th January 2024


Adult Leagues:
Development League:

Narberth Novas 12 Utter Chaos 18 
Players’ player: Narberth Novas - Laura Walters
Players’ player: Utter Chaos - Katie David Fishguard 
Feathers 25 Pembroke 31 
Players’ player: Fishguard Feathers - Maegan Peters
Players’ player: Pembroke - Jess Hathaway 

Performance League:

Sapphire Black 36 Total Chaos 19 
Players’ player: Sapphire Black - Jess Davies 
Players’ player: Total Chaos - Ella Phillips 
Super Jets 38 Narberth Novas 16
Players’ player: Super Jets - Charlotte Armstrong
Players’ player: Narberth Novas - Hannah Williams

UNDER 10’s:

Chaos Strike 22 Sapphires 8
Players’ player: Chaos: Chloe Kplomedo 
Players’ player: Sapphires: Annabelle 

 UNDER 12’s:

Jets 0 Sapphires White 39
Players’ player: Jets: Evie McManus 
 Players’ player: Sapphires: Layla Dulty 
 Fishguard Dragons 13 Chaos Thunder 24
 Players’ player Fishguard: Tabi Curtis 
 Players’ player Chaos: Olivia Chandra 
 Fishguard Feathers 1 Chaos Flash 15 
 Players’ player Fishguard: Molly McLaughlin 
 Players’ player Chaos: Scarlett Chandra 

 UNDER 14’s

Sapphires White 9 Chaos Hurricanes 19
Players’ player: Sapphires: Layla Rose 
Players’ player: Chaos: Janelle Cabralle 
Fishguard Feathers 1 Sapphires Black 21
Players’ player: Fishguard: Daisy Cooper 
Players’ player: Sapphires: Lowys Maulio-Martino 

 UNDER 16’s

 Fishguard Dragons 28 St David’s 6 
 Players’ player: Fishguard: Carys Burge 
 Players’ player:  St David’s: Hannah Vaughan