Jordan's doing well in her new life in Poland

Jordan Hart and proud family Jordan Hart originally hails from Pembroke Dock but is currently living and training for her chosen sport of badminton in Poland, having made the decision to move there so that she could continue to build on her aim of competing at European, World and especially at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022.
We at have kept in touch with this outstanding sportswoman for over a decade and so last week we enjoyed a Zoom meeting with her and asked how things are going on in Warsaw . . .
Where do you live now and how you have adapted to your new life?
I live around 20 minutes outside of Warsaw, Poland and I am based with the Polish National Team at the Polish National Training Centre.
For the first time in my career I have the opportunity to access a performance support team on a daily basis including strength and conditioning, plus physio; and the National Centre has great court facilities.
Of course it can sometimes be difficult adapting to a new culture, environment and language but I think I am adapting well and enjoying my new surroundings, thanks to the players and coaches.
Jordan Hart and some of her trophies

How is your training going there?
With regard to the training programme and coaches I am lucky enough to be able to continue to work with my coach that I have had my success with in Steve Butler.
He is now the Head Coach of Polish Badminton and is in charge of my programme on a daily basis, whilst alongside Steve I am able to work with former World Number 1’s Robert Matusiak and Nadia Zeiba, and also former Elite International Player Lukasz Moren.
It is so nice to be part of a National Team and train with such a high calibre of coaches as I wouldn’t be able to do this in Wales so I’m very grateful to Polish Badminton for allowing me to join the team here.
What training do you do in a typical week?
My training week goes from Monday to Saturday and I have 10 court sessions, three physical sessions and two strength and conditioning sessions.
So I spend more time at the National Centre than I do at home, that’s for sure!
I’m training around 5/6 hours per day at the moment and I am pushed all the way – so I love my quiet Sundays at home!

Jordan Hart in action
What ways do you find to relax after training?
I’m told I’m very good at relaxing but it’s a little bit difficult at the moment because of all the lockdown rules but the first Polish word I learned when I arrived was ‘kawa’, which is coffee, as there is nothing more I love than going out for some lunch and a coffee or two.
Right now that lunch has to be a takeaway but Polish people love their coffee so I’m blessed with a whole range of lush takeaway coffee shops, which is better than nothing.”
I have also just started studying Nutrition online as its something I’m super interested about and I am looking forward to applying it to my training.
I know you have been successful over recent years – can you tell us about tournament wins?
 I have had a number of competition successes over the last few years and the most notable successes are being crowned:
Welsh Seniors Ranked number 1
World Rankings – 75th and climbing!
Jamaica International Champion
Cuba International Champion
Latvia International Champion
Barbados International Champion
Polish International Champion

Jordan Hart on the winners podium
I understand you have had help from businesses and individuals – do you want to thank them?
Thanks, I would love to. During this crazy time I must say thank you to FZ Forza, Capital Roasters Ltd (Pembroke Dock) and Hubbard’s Newsagents (Neyland), who are my sponsors, who have continued to support me even when international competition has been so uncertain.
I would also like to thank the local people of Pembrokeshire who continue to send kind messages and words of support
What targets and ambitions do you have for the near future?
My first and foremost target is to play in this year’s European and World Championships, which will respectively be held in the Ukraine and Spain.
I will also aim to continue to enjoy and improve my game and general life in my new environment in Poland.
I need to continue to build on the success of my tournament wins to gain qualification to the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham because it would be lovely to represent Wales at such a huge competition.
And, very importantly I would love to be able to travel back to Pembrokeshire to see my family, although I do speak to my mum every day, without fail. This is my biggest goal this year as I haven’t been able to see them for many months now due to covid 19. I can’t wait for that to happen!

Jordan Hart relaxing