2023 Pembrokeshire Ladies and Junior Netball - Week 2

Pembrokeshire Netball:


Adult League - 18/10/23 

Performance League:  
Total Chaos 36 Narberth 31 
Players’ player: Total Chaos - Caroline Ross 
Players’ player: Narberth -Vicky Prior 
Pembroke 26  Sapphire Silvers 14 
Players’ player: Pembroke - Louise Hosking 
Players’ player: Sapphire Silvers - Laura Gough 
Fishguard Dragons 42 Sapphire Black 17
Players’ player: Fishguard Dragons - Nadia Tomsa  
Players’ player: Sapphire Black - Janie Smith 
Super Jets 48 Sapphire White 12

Pembroke (In black and Red)


Fishguard Dragons (Purple)


Junior League - 21/10/23

UNDER 10’s:
Sapphires v Pembroke (TBC)
Players player Sapphires: Anabelle Tuck
Players player Pembroke: TBC

UNDER 12’s:

Pembroke 16 Chaos Flash 8
PP: Pembroke: Elodie Boorman
PP: Chaos: Scarlet Chandra

Fishguard Dragons 44 Sapphires Silvers 3
PP: Fishguard: Eve Sharkey
PP: Sapphires: Seren Holder

Sapphires Black 41 Jets 0
PP: Sapphires: Millie Ridley
PP: Jets: Alice Raymond

UNDER 14’s:
Fishguard Feathers 15 Pembroke 2nds - 6
PP: Fishguard: Berfin Babahan
PP: Pembroke: Tilly Logan

UNDER 16’s:

Chaos Purples 27 Sapphires Black 39
PP: Chaos: Katie Brazier & Nell Fyffe
PP: Sapphires: Lowri Rogers

U12 Fishguard DragonsU14 Fishguard Feathers