Star of the Month Award - November and December 2017

Brothers Tom and Ben Llewellin were deserved respective recipients of our ‘Star of the Month’ award for November and December but we had to delay presentation because of their regular travels ‘up the line’ or abroad for competition.
So we finally managed to arrange our presentation by Bill Carne at Great Rudbaxton Farm, where they live with parents Helen and Dai, and we were delighted to meet up again with two of the most talented, modest and pleasant youngsters in Pembrokeshire Sport!

Tom’s an ace driver as UK champ!

Tom  LlewellinTom Llewellin has been a very busy young feller but we are delighted now to have finally caught up with him as he continues to fly the family and Pembrokeshire Flags with distinction after recently having been crowned the UK Under 17 Rally Cross Champion as reward for his amazing skills behind the wheel.
Such was Tom's domination of this category that he had already claimed the title with one meeting to go at Croft, up in Yorkshire - and might have been forgiven for deciding to opt out of a long journey and put his feet up.
But Tom has inherited the competitive traits of his father Dai, the former Car Rally champion and former Welsh Personality of the Year, and when this intrepid duo discussed what om might do it comes as no surprise that they decided to make the journey but for Llewellin junior to enter the senior event so that he could test his skills against the best seniors in the country!
So up they trekked and Tom did well to come second in his first race before qualifying for the final - and created something of a stir by proving to be too good for some outstanding senior racers by winning the event - and being judged the top driver of the weekend.
When we asked Tom how his new opponents reacted he said that they were all very nice and although that might be the case we bet that after he had gone there must have been some interesting discussions about the newcomer in their midst for next season!
For they will know that Tom Llewellin poses a real threat to the standing order of things with his natural skills, total commitment and ability to deal with pressure - and we are delighted to acknowledge this smashing young feller for his contribution to Pembrokeshire Sport by being proud to present him with our special 'Star of the Month' award for November 2017!

Ben’s busy winning titles across the world!

Ben  LlewellinLast month we featured Tom Llewellin in our 'Star of the Month' section and this month we keep it in the family, so to speak, by giving the December trophy to his elder brother Ben for his amazing contribution to Clay Pigeon Shooting.
Such is his major commitment to his sport that he is already world-ranked and has recently gained a silver and gold medal in competitions as far afield as India and Australia.
The event in India was an invitational competition extended to only the top 12  shooters in the world and Ben, who was accompanied by his coach, announced his intentions by making his way to the final six and then through to the final.
There were huge crowds watching in intense heat so concentration was vital and after we had both fired off our cartridges we were neck and neck after breaking the world record with 50 clays on target out of 60 shots.
"We were both aware of the tensions and eventually I was gutted to miss out but could take some consolation by picking up silver at this level," admitted Ben, "and it made some of the world's top competitors sit up and take notice!"
The very next day saw Ben on a plane to The Gold Coast in Australia where he met up with his Welsh team-mates for a competition that was being used as a trial to ensure the smooth-running of the Commonwealth Games next year, again featuring all the best competitors from across the world.
"I must have still been a bit tired," Ben told us, "because I had a nightmare of a first day and my score of 54 out of 60 put me way down the field.
"But things went amazingly differently on the second day as I shot another record-equalling round of 59 out of 60 in windy conditions and shot through the field to stand on the podium to collect the gold medal.
"It was an amazing experience and I can't wait now for the real thing in 2018, subject to being selected, of course!"
He is typically modest about all he has achieved already but is fully focussed with regard to his future in clay-pigeon shooting.  We hope that he continues to do so well because he is certainly a top-notch competitor in his chosen sport and the deserved recipient of our December ‘Star of the Month’ award!