Star of the Month - February 2018

Bill Carne and Jason Davies

We are sorry that because of technical difficulties a number of our interested readers were unable to access our article on Jason Davies when he was made a deserved ‘Star of the Month’ some time ago and so we are delighted to put that omission right now – with apologies to Jason!

Jason’s just tops in Saloon Car Racing!

We were delighted to be able to invite Jason Davies to be one of our most recent 'Star of the Month' choices in recognition of his flying of the Pembrokeshire Flag  in saloon car racing after following his father Martin into the sport and joining his dad as Welsh Sports Saloon Car Racing Champion.
Martin had been successful in 1994-96 and then in 2012 and Jason joined him a few years later with dad's help as they developed the aerodynamic qualities of their Sierra Cosworth car at the family's M&S Engineering in Withybush, Haverfordwest.

Winning the title

The championship was decided over ten rounds at circuits like Pembrey and twice over the border at Castle Coombe, just over the Severn Bridge - and Jason had a very good season as he won six of the rounds, came second twice and was doing very well in the remaining two until mechanical failure caused him to drop out when well placed.
He really showed his mettle in the final race, with a heat over 15 minutes where he finished some 27 seconds ahead of the second-placed driver. It was a massive distance that dumbfounded onlookers and in the final he went even better from pole position to win by 34 seconds!

Proud family

He was thrilled and so were Martin and Jason's mum Sue, sister Mikaela and friend Brendan Evans (who was good with the spanners!).
Since then he has had a more relaxing time and now enjoys himself in the gym at the SAW facility in STP School but he might well return to his driving expertise at some time in the future, when he's not so busy with work.
But Jason has been a great advertisement for sport in our county, and is certainly not only a star but a modest young gentleman as well, whom is proud to know!