Star of the Month – August 2019

Rhys stands down after five years at the Saints’ helm!

Star of the Month - Rhys Lossin  PriceIf ever there was a special award for devotion to duty in a sports club then a primary candidate would be Rhys 'Loshin' Price because for the past five seasons he has been captain of St Davids RFC and only missed two games, coincidentally both this season and both against Milford Haven.

Rhys carries that nickname because  there is another Rhys Price in the squad and so the fact that as well as his successful boat business in Ty Ddewi the family has also owned a sweet shop for a number of years saw him dubbed 'Loshin' - and it has stuck ever since!

Almost 20 years’ involvement

At 27 years Rhys has been involved with The Saints since he was an eight year old who raced around on the wing before changing to prop as a youth player and remaining in the front row ever since.

He was delighted in his first campaign as skipper when St Davids managed to claim four victories but since then there has been something of a decline with only one success this season and another time when there wasn't even one win, but the team still enjoyed playing despite some heavy defeats.

Few highlights but great enjoyment

One of the highlights in their league play came with a win over Neyland some three years ago and games against Llangwm and Pembroke Dock Harlequins have been matches which have turned into real battles where long-standing friendships have been forged.

"We have also enjoyed our annual tours which started when Noel Lyons organised a trip to Newcastle and ever since there has been an annual tussle on a home and away basis against Cardiff Harlequins.

"We have a great time when we are in the capital city and it is great that we haven't lost to them on a collective points basis - and beat them again at the end of the 2018-19 season."

Last campaign also saw the welcome start of a new annual match against Pembroke Seconds for the Willington Slate Memorial Trophy presented by Scarlets' chairman Daryl Willington on behalf of his family in memory of two members who were sailors and had a close association with the seas around St Davids.

"We were delighted to be asked about this memorable fixture and will make sure we play our part in its continuation for the future," he promised.

Stepping down with coach Ianto

Rhys has been fully involved since the day he first agreed to take on the captaincy, thinking it would probably be a one-off campaign but since then he has been persuaded annually to stay in the role, but has now decided it is time for a change of captaincy at a good time since coach 'Ianto' Davies is also standing down.

" 'Ianto' has been an inspiration to me as well as the other players, not only for his devotion to The Saints but also as someone who is still one of the best players at No 8 in Division Three (West) A.

"His are a big pair of rugby boots to fill but we will have a new coach ready and willing to start the training for next season and I am looking forward to playing on Saturdays without having to scour the city in a match-day search for a few players for our travels to away games," he tells us with a rueful chuckle!

And finally . . .

'Loshin' also sings the praises of previous coach 'Taffy' Williams and players like Jack Dudley and Gethin Bateman, both of whom have been offered places in other clubs over their long playing days in St Davids but have always opted to stay loyal.

"They typify all that is good in our club as well as Fraser Watson, Noel Lyons and younger players like the other Rhys Price, Dan Murphy, Rhys Morgan and Dan Evans."

Rhys can also reel off the names of characters at the club from yesteryear, like Dai Bennett, Martin Walsh, Gus Cartwright, Fintan Godkin and many others but says that it is now time to look to the future in terms of development.

"We were pleased this year that our under sevens squad reached the final of their age group and are keen to bring players through to our senior squad."

Rhys 'Loshin' Price is proof that such a development can happen and at 27 years of age he still has a lot more time in The Saints' front row as well as being so involved in his business interests, which have prevented him from receiving his award earlier – but he is still a worthy candidate and we are delighted to have finally caught up with ‘Lossin’!.

He represents all that is good at St Davids RFC and for that reason we are delighted to present him with our 'Star of the Month' award for August 2019!