Neyland Sports Clubs help their local community

Neyland HampersA chance conversation over a pint at the new Newland Hub (socially distanced before the current new lockdown obviously) between cricket enthusiasts Peter Davies and Gavin Rowlands  has led to four groups of sports-minded people helping their community at this challenging time.
With the Pembrokeshire indoor cricket having to be put on a temporary hold they thought about putting something back into their community with a group of members from each of the four sports involved: namely cricket, rugby, football and bowls with Sean Hannon and Andrew" Moley " Cole, plus Jonny Sutton from the hub coming on board, along with Gavin's wife Kyla who has really pushed this on in her usual enthusiastic and committed manner.

Great community response to their social media requests

The four clubs put out adverts on their social media pages asking members if they could donate food stuff for hampers for people in the Neyland area which would be distributed by the Neyland Foodbank Freeshare section as they know who need the hampers.
The response has been tremendous and what has been great to see is that not only members, wives and girlfriends and former players of the clubs involved but the general community of Neyland has kindly donated so much in the way that the town always rallies around worthwhile causes.

All is safely gathered in for delivery this week

The donations have been dropped at the Hub between 5 and 6pm each evening this week with the last collection on afternoon between 12 noon and 4pm on Saturday - and some donations have also been dropped at their homes and after the latest collection they then took donations to Bethesda Chapel, which is the home of the Neyland Foodbank, to be distributed this Christmas week. Also worthy of a mention in the carrying of such a large amount of food was Charlie Watts, the local rugby referee, who was delighted to help out.
This year’s effort has been a little hurried but a big success nonetheless and this enthusiastic  group plan to make this an annual event to help the people in their community.