Bowling stats for 2021 provided by Paul and Janice Webb

Paul and Janice Webb - Over 60s
Today we take our look at the statistics for the best bowling in Division One of the Pembroke County Cricket League and would again like to pay tribute to the husband and wife team of Paul and Janice Webb for letting us have access to them – and it is nice to report that Paul pays tribute to his much better half for all the real graft behind sorting them out! Cheers Jan!

Ross Hardy

Hardy and Morton share top spot but Ross has the better average per wicket!

Ryan MortonDavid DunfeeRoss Hardy (Neyland) shares top spot in the 2021 bowling stats with Ryan Morton (Lawrenny) but it is Ross who takes the honours by dint of the fact that he was the more economical bowler by over four runs for each of their 35 wickets.
The Neyland bowler has been renowned as someone who bowls wicket to wicket at a decent pace and he has also done well for his county on a regular basis and the only cricketing surprise for us is the fact that he hasn’t featured in the batting top 20, perhaps because he bats a little lower in their strong batting line-up than he might do in less strong teams.
Morton could lay claim to being the most improved cricketer in the county because as well as his pacy bowling he has become a batsman who has the ability to score runs very quickly and should be a great servant for Lawrenny for many years with bat and ball, once he adds a little more consistency to his undoubted all-round skills.

Tudor Hurle

Dunfee has pace to burn, whilst Hurle and Franklin feature well for The Seasiders

Sam FranklinIn third place is David Dunfee, who has served Llechryd so well in the 2021 campaign alongside John Curran as their best batsman – but sadly this talented duo weren’t able to keep them in the first division.
Dunfee is arguably the quickest bowler in the section this year and easily has the best figures with his magnificent 8 for 16 haul against St Ishmaels as they shot out Tish for 76 by still lost!
Then the next two in the chart are the Saundersfoot duo of Tudor Hurle and Sam Franklin, with respective hauls of 29 and 28 wickets, with the former pace bowler having improved out of all recognition since joining The Seasiders, whilst Franklin has been the most consisted Saundersfoot player for several seasons with his bat as well as the ball. Joining them in making The Seasiders one of the clubs to feature more than most others is Nick Cope (10th).

Lawrenny lay claim to most successful bowlers

Division One runners-up Lawrenny can lay claim to having the most bowlers in the list as Morton is joined by Rob Williams in 8th place, surely still one of the most respected players in the county, plus Harry Thomas (15th) as well as Jamie Lewis and Kurtis Marsh in joint 20th position.
Another club joining Saundersfoot with three representatives were Haverfordwest, despite a disappointing season for The Town, with big-hearted trier Ashley James (14th), Clive Tucker and Johnny White (two more in joint 20th spot!)

Narberth also had three bnowlers in the top 20, led by wily campaigner Matthew Johns, with 23 wickets in nine place as proof of another good season, followed by skipper Ben Hughes (16th) and Ben Quartermaine as another to make it into joint 20th
Again, as in the batting stats, every club in the top echelon features but perhaps the most interesting feature is that Cresselly, who had five batsmen in the top 20, have just a single bowler involved with veteran slow bowler Ryan Lewis coming 13th.

Fewer all-rounders than in most years

And finally, this campaign has seen only three cricketers able to claim all-rounder status when there are normally a few more who appear in a prominent position in both tables.
Kurtis Marsh certainly led the way in the batting but only managed to be placed as one of six bowlers who shared the 20th spot from his slow bowling.

Nathan Banner featured in 12th for his bowling and 17th with his batting and Jonathan Thomas perhaps did the best overall as he ended up 6th with his batting and was 11th in bowling so I’d make him top all-rounder – but I know there will be howls of protest from other punditry camps!

Name Club  Overs Maidens B/Figures  Runs Wkts Average
Ross Hardy Neyland 114.2 28      5 for 28 318 35 9.08
Ryan Morton Lawrenny 125.2 19      5 for 33 467 35 13.34
David Dunfee Llechryd 95.5 21      8 for 16 339 33 10.27
Tudor Hurle Saundersfoot 110.4 15      4 for 15 454 29 15.65
Sam Franklin Saundersfoot 116 26      6 for 22 412 28 14.71
Scott Newton Whitland 93 8      4 for 36 427 24 17.79
Andrew Pawlett St Iashmaels 127.2 27      4 for 24 411 24 17.12
Rob Williams Lawrenny 119.2 33      3 for 5 307 24 12.79
Matthew Johns Narberth 107.5 11      5 for 27 469 23 20.89
Nick Cope Saundersfoot 108.3 14     4 for 25 505 23 21.95
Jonathan Thomas Whitland 93 6     6 for 23 410 23 17.32
Ceri Brace Carew 96.5 8    4 for 23 412 20 20.6
Ryan Lewis Cresselly 112.1 17    3 for 37 428 20 21.4
Ashley James Haverfordwest 96.4 15    3 for 23 390 20 19.5
Harry Thomas Lawrenny 89.3 4    4 for 17 376 20 18.8
Ben Hughes Narberth 92 9    3 for 25 452 20 22.6
Nathan Banner Neyland 109 19    3 for 11 349 19 18.36
Iori Hicks Carew 92.2 9    5 for 15 399 19 21.01
Andrew Miller Neyland 104 8    3 for 17 391 18 21.72
Kurtis Marsh Lawrenny 97.2 15    3 for 14 402 18 22.33
Jamie Lewis Lawrenny 82 12    4 for 26 291 18 16.16
Clive Tucker Haverfordwest 131 18    3 for 15 484 18 26.88
Johnny White Haverfordwest 118 16    3 for 36 453 18 25.16
Ben Quartermaine Narberth 116.5 17    2 for 13 455 18 25.27