Sporting Snippets - Part 35


Kevin kills off false rumours at The Obs

Kevin MilichI’ve always found that fellers in local sports clubs are very forgiving of their team mates for most things, other than for not being available to play because they are going shopping, or any other leisure activity with their wives or girlfriends – sexist on their part I know, but true nonetheless. This little story from the late 80s show that, albeit it was written with tongue in cheek because I know just how committed this feller was!
Milford Haven Rugby Club players and members have elected dynamic back rower Kevin Milich as their captain for next year and he is certainly a good choice because he is strong, fit, mobile, and a great reader of the game.

On my next visit to The Obs I congratulated one old-timer there on their canny choice because he would lead by example on the pitch – but his fellow forward told me they had picked him because towards the end of the season there was a rumour going around the dressing room that he had missed two games in the season because he had to visit Oakwood Leisure Park and go on a shopping spree so his better half could have a new outfit for a family wedding!

I’ve always enjoyed a chat with Mr Milich and when I asked him about it he hooted with laughter and said that whilst he was skipper he would attend every training session, keep his hard-earned cash in his pocket – and go to Oakwood on a Sunday.

Isn’t it nice to see such good humour amongst sporting team mates?

**Later on Kevin turned his attention to football and became just as good a referee as he was a rugby captain!**


Adi didn’t know where the bar was!

Adrian HarriesMost clubs have their fair share of likeable characters and Lawrenny Cricket Club is certainly one of them, with great old timers like Chris Williams, Dai Jones, Owen Williams, Andrew Cole and Clive Lewis alongside younger stars like Rob Williams, Steve Lewis, Ian Jenkins and James Buckle - but there is no doubt that many stories from the village club emanate from Adrian Harries, most often dubbed simply by his surname but also answering to Adi . . .
“On a recent weekend Lawrenny played their first match at Whitland since the building of The Borderers plush new complex, on a scorching hot day where the players enjoyed the nice weather and the splendid new pitch  whilst looking forward to a cool pint or two afterwards.

Adrian Harries, their conscript from Carew, enjoyed his shower and was last to join his colleagues all nicely talked and in a fresh shirt.

He walked up to a Whitland player and asked where in Whitland they would be going for a drink – and the bemused opening bat pointed to the plush new bar behind Adi and said,
“We haven’t got too far to go!”

A very grateful Harries gave his usual big grin, moved nonchalantly over to the bar, ordered a pint of ale and downed it in one to celebrate the good news!


Mackie shows what a DIY man he really is

Mackie HartsIn a recent set of snippets we mentioned how Lawrenny cricketer (and later excellent football referee) Mackie Harts had spent a while wondering why his cement mixer wouldn’t work on a DIY job at home until his long-suffering better half Jackie pointed out he’s plugged in the vacuum cleaner instead . . .
But you can’t keep Mr Harts down for long because when I next bumped into him at a match in Lawrenny that I hadn’t quite got the story right because after that initial hiccup he had really sped up the work because after using the mixer he then put the Hoover to good use by sucking up all the spare pebble dash and reversed the action on the Hoover to blow it all back onto the wet cement.

I think that is something of a tall story but since Mackie knows from good experience after helping me with a couple pf jobs at home that I haven’t a clue about that sort of thing – I’m still not sure if he could do that or not!


Ossie kicks well at Bierspool

Ossie BoswellI love this little story from long ago because rugby forwards in general are not known as the best kickers of a football – and this tale from Bierspool certainly seems to support that view!
As I pulled into Bierspool I couldn’t help but notice that amongst the Quins’ boys playing the round ball, instead of the oval ball game, was a large figure in goal at the far end – and on moving a little closer I could see it was none other than Ossie Boswell, the Quins’ larger than life coach.

He gave me a wave and when the ball came his way his clearance kicks weren’t the most elegant I had ever seen (sorry Os, but it’s true!) - and whilst chatting to one forward colleague of his, standing injured on the touchline, I couldn’t help but mention that fact.

“That’s easy,” came the answer, quick as a flash, “Ossie’s never been used to kicking balls; just heads and backsides of opposing players!”

Now there’s a thing to say about one of rugby’s gentlemen – and my friend on the touchline had better watch out because it won’t be long before Mr Boswell will be picking the team and his memory is far better than his kicking of a football!

Alice’s most embarrassing moment

Alice Watts When I interviewed top netball player Alice Watts I asked her about her most embarrassing moment and 32 years ago she certainly came up with a beauty!
“Mine came when I joined my team-mates in rushing across the platform at Newcastle Station as we returned from a tour in the north-east, and I accidentally opened my suitcase so that all my clothes fell out, spilling all my ‘undies’ for the packed platform to chuckle about.

“Even worse was to follow on the train as I bought a cup of coffee and as the train jolted I managed to tip it into the lap of a poor gentleman sitting quietly, just minding his own business.

”I panicked so much that without thinking I took the smart handkerchief from his coat pocket and started to wipe the hot liquid from his lap as my team-mates collapsed with laughter.

“That somehow made it worse although the poor man graciously accepted my mumbled  apology.

”So I found a quiet corner of the carriage to sit on my own, waiting for the hoots of laughter all around me to subside and I will never forget the incident as long as I live!”``

Now that’s what we call an embarrassing moment Mrs W!


Rob was very relieved at Rosemarket

Rob SummonsBefore Rob Summons went on to captain Haverfordwest Cricket Club and was chairman of Haverfordwest County for some time he started out his cricketing days with the team in his home village of Rosemarket. He is known for his love of smart cars but boy did he have a lucky escape with a brand new Rover . . .
Rosie skipper Rob Summons was a very relieved man as his team took on Cresselly Seconds and they stood at 148 for 6 with a ball remaining – and Rob smashed a big six but looked in horror as the ball seemed certain to put a big dent in his three-day old Rover.

He closed his eyes in horror and waited for the sound of breaking glass or the crash of leather on metal but instead there was total silence until he opened his eyes and saw his team-mates on the boundary collapsing with laughter.

It seems just minutes before his much better half Sue had opened the sun roof because it was so hot – and the ball flew straight as an arrow through it and nestled harmlessly on to the back seat!

His pals reckoned that with that sort of luck he should score a heap of runs this season and take Rosie to promotion!