Sporting Snippets - Part 15

Martyn’s still able to cut the mustard!

Martyn InwardOne of the most competitive cricketers, but also one of the best friends anyone could want, is Martyn Inward; and just about sums up his ability to pull something out of the fire – even if it is done at a cost!
Martyn Inward was always a keen competitor when he played for many years at Llangwm Cricket Club but he stopped playing a few years ago because of work commitments and to support his boys Chris (now the Llangwm captain) and Steve (who is doing so well ‘up the line’).

But Llangwm were short towards the end of the season and ‘Inns’ was called in to play his first game for Llangwm for some time. He couldn’t resist the chance to have a go with the ball and was delighted to end up with figures of 2 for 12 – and when he went in to bat he hit his very first ball for six!

When I bumped into him a few days later he was still chuckling about the six, although he had to admit that he was still stiff after turning his arm over. It was great to see him back in action and I bet we will hear more about his cricketing exploits some other time since he is Llangwm through and through, and will be back in action for them when needed!


Nigel feels brain pain

Nigel PhillipsSpare a thought next for Nigel Phillips, the long-serving all-rounder with Pembroke Cricket Club, who felt the pain when he played at Treleet against Haverfordwest Seconds towards the end of the cricket season.
I was at the match when Nigel Phillips was fielding under the trees at the railway end of the ground when  a big-hitting Town batsman produced one of his trademark sixes that soared towards the top of the trees. Nigel pretended to fold his arms over his head in mock protection but when he withdrew his arms he was literally stunned when the ball plummeted from above and cracked him on the head!

Fortunately there was no lasting damage to the tough old warrior but it was some time until his team-mates reached him because they were also prostrate on the ground – with laughter.

Others eventually trotted over to help their old mate and the batsman apologised profusely but had to admit that he had to delay facing the next ball for a while because he was also breathless with laughter. Nigel bravely carried on and was able to laugh about it afterwards – but I bet it will be some time before he fields under those trees again.

Editor: Perhaps now is the time to finally admit that I was also doubled up with laughter! Sorry Nige!

Kids cause Adam hand problems

Adam Raymond There seems to be a lot of cricketing injuries about today and this next story is no exception – other than the fact that it deals with a cracking football and cricket all-rounder but at a moment when he was just trying to be helpful!
Adam Raymond was unable to complete the season at Haverfordwest Cricket Club because he suffered nastily bruised fingers – but not playing the game as a big-hitting batsmen and slow bowler.

Adam plays as a solid mid-field player at Haverfordwest County but he also coaches the youngsters at Camrose AFC and that is where his accident occurred. His young charges were playing a practice match with the portable goal-posts that can be taken in after games.

The kids were enjoying themselves when Adam noticed that one was a little insecure and he bent down to adjust it – just at the moment that the young keeper made a great diving save and held onto the crossbar as he tipped the ball over.

It nicely wedged Adam’s fingers between the post and the ground and he did well not to utter a stream of swear words to help lessen the pain!

But he did have to have his sore digits taped up and hence his inability to complete the cricket season – but at least he can now focus properly on gaining a regular place with Haverfordwest County!

Jenks escapes with just a small dent in his car


The trouble with watching a cricket match from the boundary is because of the risk of one’s car getting hit by a big hit – something which is inevitably made worse because everyone else around seems to find it funny!
It is great to watch local cricket on a variety of attractive grounds but there is always a danger of one’s car being dented or having the windscreen smashed by a soaring cricket ball which plummets to earth like a meteor.

Such an incident happened at The Racecourse, home of Haverfordwest Cricket Club, when the second XI beat Pembroke and talented young Town bowler Simon Williams showed that he can also bat as he launched a huge straight six in the direction of the club nets and the small crowd gasped as the ball hit a parked car.

Gasping the most was former cricketer Ian Jenkins, whose son Jamie was captaining the Haverfordwest team; because it was his car! Luckily, the ball only just caught the wing of the car and left a little dent but I bet it is some time before ‘Jenks’ leaves his car in the firing line at a cricket match because he’s not the first to suffer the indignity – and certainly won’t be the last!

Close call in Colley Final

Kevin BowenAnother danger in cricket, luckily infrequent, can be caused by a batsman forgetting to wear a protective ‘box’. But on this occasion, although there were possible consequences in the same body area, the player remembered just in time . . .
Kevin Bowen was the undoubted star of Fishguard Seconds’ first-ever appearance in an Alec Colley Final as the talented sporting all-rounder, who has become a top football referee, was ‘on fire’ with a superb 92 not out in the second innings to make hot favourites Cresselly 2nds bat for a second time after they had led by a massive 110 runs at tea time.

Kevin ‘scorched’ to his final tally with eight big sixes but he might have got burnt himself because in his pocket were his cigarettes and box of matches, which, had the ball struck his pocket area, could well have seared his ‘little bits’ and caused chaos.

Luckily, Kevin remembered they were there after a couple of overs and asked the umpires to look after them, which they did. Kevin was all smiles about it after the match but perhaps it’s a message to our Kev that it is time he gave up the ciggies for good!