Sporting Smippets - Part 22

Today we look back at some more archive stuff from our ‘Sporting Snippets’ section and again they show what a lively sporting scene we have in our county – and some lovely characters too!
They are smashing that they are happy for us to highlight their stories for a second time – and we thank them hugely for that fact!


Spectator stifled by Trefor at Whitland . . .

Trefor EvansThere is fortunately still some humour at rugby matches and no-where was it more in evidence in one match than at Parc Llwyn Ty Gwyn, when Whitland entertained Bonymaen in a top of the table clash.

A bespectacled visiting supporter stood at the back of the stand and throughout the first half shouted at the referee whenever the official gave a decision in Whitland’s favour, but stayed quiet if the decision went in favour of his team.

At the start of the second period a few of the home supporters began to chide him gently and after yet another comment about a decision made some 65 metres away he was told loud and clear by Trefor Evans, well-known as a great cricket umpire and administrator, as well as being a life member of the Borderers,

“By God, I wish I had a pair of glasses which can see as well as yours do!”

There were hoots of laughter and I am glad to report that it even brought a smile from the old boy, who duly offered his specs.

He actually stayed fairly quiet after that but it shows that rival supporters can sit closely together and be civilised – wouldn’t it be nice if the same thing could happen in football!


. . . And even Nigel Owens mentions the same sharp wit in his autobiography!

Nigel OwensAnd Trefor’s sharp wit doesn’t end there because he was even mentioned on page 85 of world-famous referee Nigel Owen’s autobiography!

It was in Nigel’s earlier days and he turned up to officiate at a time when he was also earning a reputation in another field (no pun intended!) as a presenter/comedian on the Welsh-language programme ‘Noson Lawen’.

Trefor felt that Mr Owens wasn’t having one of his better days with the whistle and called out, “Nigel, Ty fod yn ddonial ar Noson Lawen @@@ ar a cae Rygbi!”

This lyrical piece of the Welsh language loosely translates as;

“Nigel, you are supposed to be a comedian on Noson Lawen, not on the rugby field!”

And I’m reliably informed that Nigel, now regarded as the world’s No 1 referee, had a smile on his face – and enjoyed the banter so much that he recalled it in his book!


Several Bluebirds get caught in their changing room

Eddie BunstonThe old ‘Locked in a lavatory’ story was brought to light at The Bridge Meadow Stadium in this little saga – but with their whole second team and coaches getting stuck in the changing room!

There was a moment of drama at a recent training session held at the Bridge Meadow Stadium when Haverfordwest County’s second string found themselves locked in and had to climb out via a fanlight!

The Blues’ Pembrokeshire League team was due to take part in a training match with the Welsh Premier squad and had gone into a room for a bit of a pep talk with their coaches – but when one of them tried to go out he was unable to open the door. Other would-be he-men tried to open the door but all was in vain – and even when stadium manager Eddie Bunston and his assistants arrived with a screwdriver, hammer and other sundry tools there was still no escape!

So the lads showed their physical dexterity by escaping via the fan-light and I’m glad to say that all ended well because Eddie and Co eventually discovered the fault and got the door open. They had their legs pulled about being afraid to come out and face their first-team counterparts but they took it all with very good grace and even managed to show their capabilities before returning to get changed – via the door!


Fanus fares well in cricket raffle

Richard FanusRichard Fanus again showed he has a sense of humour when he gave his usual support for local cricket and bought a raffle ticket – and was the winner . . .

Our old friend Richard Fanus continues to feature in light-hearted happenings around the County, starting at a cricket match in a village club where he was delighted to be told that he had won the raffle first prize, which was a bottle of gin.

Richard told the good-news bringer that he would much prefer a bottle of wine instead and they readily acceded to his wish.  He received the wine during the course of the afternoon and found it was only a mini-bottle since they thought he shouldn’t drink too much!

I’m glad to report that Richard took the leg-pull with his usual good humour – and he tells me that the mini bottle of red wine was very tasty indeed!


......and has a special gift for rugby!

On this occasion Richard was the recipient of a gift which was provided in the hope that he might learn the laws of rugby a little better – and from someone famous as well! Will it help him in the future? We doubt it!

Mr Fanus is also well known as a supporter of local rugby, especially at Narberth, where he is renowned for his witty, and sometimes a little barbed, comments aimed towards referees.

He attended the Narberth RFC annual presentation evening, where former New Zealand scrum half Justin Marshall was the guest of honour and Matthew Davies was the accomplished Master of Ceremonies. It was Matthew who announced some special awards and included in them was the presentation of a Welsh Rugby Union rule book so that next season his comments can be a little better informed.  Again, he took the leg-pull with his usual good humour – and has a nice photograph of him receiving his special award from Mr Marshall!


Pensioner Sam takes a bus trip (or two)

Gary StephensFinishing an active part in sport is never easy but our next ‘star’ has been renowned for staying fit – until a recent visit to The Bridge Meadow Stadium – when Gary Stephens admitted that he often uses his new pensioner travel pass on jaunts to other areas . . .

Seen recently on local transport to Cardigan and Tenby was a well-known footballing pensioner who is clearly using his bus pass to enjoy himself on a few days out in the inclement weather.

We’ll call him ‘Sam’ and he was clearly enjoying himself, taking a walk around the towns (it would have been a few miles jogging a few years ago), and enjoying a cup of coffee in a local cafe (and a tasty cake, which would have been unthinkable when he was in his fitness regime!).

Still, it’s an ill wind that doesn’t do anyone any good because at least his long-suffering better half gets a break for a few hours when he is pacing around the house because it’s too wet to go for a bike ride. I’ll be glad now when I get my bus pass too – perhaps he’ll let me go with him then!