Saundersfoot Cricket Club 'Select X1'

James chooses a talented Seasiders’ side!

When we asked James Caine to select a ‘Select XI’ for Saundersfoot he was pleased to help out and said he would be back to us in a couple of days’ time – but after two weeks of nagging he finally came up with the goods!
“I had no idea it would be so difficult because I kept thinking, ‘Who would others pick if they were doing it?’ and I kept going around in circles, trying to choose a balanced squad! In the end I just had to stick to my convictions so that Mr Carne stopped nagging me!
“I was also aware that there have been some brilliant former players I have omitted but they can always contact and give their selections. That would be interesting!”

Tom Mansbridge

  1. Tom Mansbridge
Tom is a very talented young cricketing all-rounder whose batting has been a great asset over recent seasons, following in his father’s footsteps with loads of runs against some of the best bowlers in the county. He is also influential with his left-arm deliveries and showed his quality in last year’s Bowl semi-final against Lawrenny – and we hope to keep him for years to come.

Dai Davies

  1. Dai Davies
‘Dapper’ joined us from Haverfordwest when his work took him nearby and for his two years with us he was brilliant; scoring runs galore and leading by example in the field as he showed why he is regarded as one of the better players in the county. We were very sorry to lose him and he would be welcome back at Saundersfoot any time!

  1. Steve Goodwin
I didn’t play alongside Steve but I loved watching him bat because he was so forceful and could change a game in just a few overs. We didn’t know how good he was when he came but boy did we miss him when he moved on!

Paul Mansbridge
  1. Paul Mansbridge
Undoubtedly one of the best batsman in his prime and still going strong in his late 50s! ‘Mansie’ has always oozed class and we have been lucky to have him for so long because of his influence on others in the side. He went on a Welsh over 50s cricket tour to Sri Lanka and when he eventually reaches 60 he could walk into that Welsh age group – if he has a mind to!

Nick Cope

  1. Nick Cope
Another excellent all-rounder renowned for his ability to play strokes and increase the run rate with his power hitting. He used to be a useful pace bowler but still can exert an influence with his spin bowling – and is still a real match winner who can really influence the result with his power hitting.

Sam Franklin
  1. Sam Franklin
Sam has scored lots of runs for Saundersfoot and played really well in his three seasons as a young captain of the first team, hitting lots of high scores. He is also a more than useful bowler and tidy fielder – and is a great asset for the club.

James Caine

  1. James Caine
I chose myself for this key all-rounder role in the team and some would deny me my place but for more than a decade I have served the club well, other than a three-stint at Cresselly. I was club captain for eight seasons and am undoubtedly another batsman who loves to get on with things from the outset. I used to be quick with the ball but shoulder injuries mean I am now restricted to slow stuff – but my  ‘pies’ have claimed their fair share of wickets! I was not being a show-off when I picked myself as captain either!

Danny Caine

  1. Danny Caine
Danny is in the club’s ‘Select XI’ on ability, rather than my brotherly love because of the fact that on his day he is still one of the quicker bowlers in the county and can hit the ball many a mile, including some big centuries. He says he is good in the field but his hands could be better – and he should be less laid-back and play every game!

Ian Poole

  1. Ian Poole
I nominate ‘Poolie’ as the best wicketkeeper to come out of Pembrokeshire in his time, even if he is always very competitive and occasionally controversial. ‘He is so smart with the gloves on that he puts pressure on every batsman when standing up to the wicket, with stumpings and leg-side catches that few others would even think about. Very under-rated as a batsman too!

Chris Parker

  1. Chris Parker
A long-standing servant of Saundersfoot and can still be relied upon to compete if he is needed. Chris has always been a thinking bowler with the ability to winkle good batsmen out. He was once, he tells me, a tidy batsman as well but in my opinion he can’t bat for toffee now!

Kevin Sykes
  1. Kevin Sykes
‘Toot’ has played for Saundersfoot as long as I can remember, battling back against the odds from serious injury and still able to bowl his 12 overs cheaply and claim more than his share of wickets. Before that he was quite sharp and always competitive – and could have played for the Welsh disability team but it is to his credit that he has never regarded his being deaf and dumb as a problem. One of the most likeable characters in local cricket but his batting is hopeless and his catching isn’t much better!

John Mansbridge
  1. John Mansbridge
He is an extremely talented young cricketing all-rounder who is a deceptively sharp right-hand bowler and batsman who has the ability to construct an innings with a maturity way beyond his years. He is also a good fielder and I think he has the ability to get even better as he grows stronger.

Dicky Parcell

  1. Dicky Parcell
We call Dickie ‘The Janitor’ because he is so good at mopping up at the end with his canny slow bowling – and quite an under-rated batsman in the lower middle order. He is a genuine character in the club and we were all delighted when he was selected for the England Disability team, because it has never let it hinder him as a very good cricketer.