Richard Hayman selects best Burton Cricket Club 'Select X1'

Richard goes for age and experience

When we asked Richard Hayman to select a Burton Cricket Club ‘Select XI’ he readily agreed but in a later conversation admitted how hard it was to consider today’s up and coming young talent with the more experienced cricketers he played alongside as a very useful early-order batsman who scored runs aplenty.
But Richard declined to consider himself for selection, even as a nominal 12th man.
He also decided to go for age and experience but put in the rider that all six of today’s talented youngsters listed below the team would be sure to gain selection if another squad was selected ten years hence – with all of them the sons of Burton CC’s fathers and sure to form the backbone of the club for the next decade!

James Scale 

  1. James Scale
James has done a great job over the years as a steady opening bat whose powers of concentration helped him accumulate loads of runs. He has also been known as a very good catcher in the slips and for run outs – but the latter were against his own team-mates!

Roger Burns

  1. Roger Burns
Roger was a natural run-maker who made an impact from the moment he joined the club as a left-handed opening bat. In a couple of seasons he achieved the feat of scoring over 1,000 runs. He was always keen to help in all that was going on but to be honest he was much too intelligent for most of us village boys!

Oliver Sheldrake

  1. Oliver Sheldrake
Ollie was a very correct batsman with the complete array of shots which served him well and he could play each innings on merit, by grafting away or playing shots, and was an excellent fielder. He was the glamour boy of the team at that time – and we all envied him that honour!

Neville Davies

  1. Neville Davies
Nev was an excellent run-maker who was consistently able to make big scores. He loved hitting sixes as he made more than his fair share of hundred but hated fielding – and always wanted to bat first so he could also enjoy his fair share of tea, especially if it was provided by his wife Nicola!.

Steve Jones
  1. Steve Jones
Surely one of the most gifted cricketers of his era in the county who would have been welcomed at any of the top teams but always stayed loyal to Burton CC. A classy stroke-maker and canny slow bowler who tormented many a batsman with his varied deliveries – and interesting comments about their strokes! He was a county regular for many years and captained them – and still playing for Welsh representative teams until recently. Famous for his Benny Hill impressions, as our photo proves!

Chris Campbell
  1. Chris Campbell
‘Cambs’ had the ability to change the course of a game if he got into his stride and proved a great run gatherer who also fancied himself as a bit of a bowler. He loved hitting sixes (because it meant he didn’t have to take quick singles or run threes) and wasn’t over-fussed about long stints in the field either. Always known to enjoy the teas supplied by his wife Michelle, Jean Jones and Jo Hayman!

Martin James

  1. Martin James
Martin doubled up as a very good middle order batsman who would also be in the side as its wicket-keeper because he was very steady with his glove work. He was a good man to have in the team because of his temperament – when the going got tough, as it often did at Burton, he was good at keeping everyone focussed.

Johnny Venables

  1. Johnny Venables
‘Veggie’ has always been quite a high-scoring batsman, especially on hard, fast wickets, but if he has a weakness it is the fact that he spent too much time on one knee trying to play sweep shots and thinking he is playing in the Caribbean. He also enjoyed bowling but his team-mates didn’t think quite as much of this facet of his play as he did!

Johnny Griffiths
  1. Johnny Griffiths
Johnny was a tremendous scoring machine in the middle order but a little lower here because of the batting strength in the side. He was tremendously hard-hitting and well capable of putting the ball over the hedge at both ends of Oatfield Park. He was also an excellent first-change bowler who could swing the ball – and like all the Griffiths family members was a first-class fielder!

Robbie Neill
  1. Robbie Neill
Robbie is another placed too low in this batting order but would still be a valued member because he could still change defence into attack with his mighty hitting. He has been especially influential in limited overs games and always believed he was a very good fast bowler – but not a view shared by all his colleagues!

Johnny Scale
  1. Johnny Scale
For many years was the first choice bowler of captains because he could bowl such miserly spells – something he still does for the seconds today. He totally confused some opposing batsmen because he raced in and bowled the ball off the wrong foot. Sadly, his batting – and time-keeping, were nowhere near so good!

Talented youngsters waiting in the wings
Richard’s major problem was leaving out so many of the current players, including his two talented sons, but as he has already said, all are likely to feature strongly if a ‘Select XI’ was picked in ten years’ time!

Morgan Scale 

Morgan Scale
A very good stroke player and consistent slow bowler who showed his tactical awareness with an excellent time as skipper.

Jack Davies

Jack Davies
The elder of Neville’s boys and a very good opening bowler and able to score more than his share of runs. Very reliable in both aspects of play and an excellent fielder as a bonus.

James Davies

James Davies
A lively opening bowler for his age and like his older brother, a very useful batsman too. Another teenager who is good in the field. He has already represented the county.

Luke Hayman

Luke Hayman
Both he and brother Toby are continuing the family tradition in the club after dad Richard and grandad John. He was honoured to be chosen as Burton’s captain for this foreshortened season and likely to serve the club for many years as an opening bowler and accomplished batsman.

Toby Hayman

Toby Hayman
Younger brother of the above and a very strong batsman who loves to play his full array of shots and the youngest ever opening bowler in an Alec Colley Cup Final – at 11 years of age!
Another who has played county cricket.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones
Son of Steve and a useful sporting all-rounder. Loves to open the batting and attacking opposing bowlers from the outset – and a useful wicketkeeper who has already captained the team.