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Llechryd CC firsts - Division Three Champions
We asked Llechryd’s talented batsman John Curran to ask a couple of respected former players like his dad Steve and Peter Hazelby to consider a team of all the talents from their club – and this what they came up in a club packed with characters over the years!
We apologise to Steve and the club for the lateness of the article, which I can only put down a mixture of technical difficulties and old age – but with hopes that the 2021 season will see some cricket again we are delighted to feature them now!

Steve Curran  

  1. Steve Curran  
Llechryd’s longest clubman. He’s done it all from running the  clubhouse to being groundsman – and on the pitch being captain and overall wind-up merchant! He was Llechryd longest-serving captain of seven straight years. His highest score was  118 not out in a Welsh cup game and he also bowled a bit when needed!.

  1. Hugh Lock
Huw was a fantastic player and certainly Llechryd’s most gifted batsman on his day. He played for several season back in the day and now plays his cricket in Australia. A very stylish stroke-maker and a natural run scorer.

Steve Smith

  1. Steve Smith  
‘Smithy’ transfered from Cardigan to Llechryd 20-odd years ago and hasn’t looked back since. He is a grifted batsman and a consistently special player for the club. He’s done it all. Everyone in Pembrokeshire knows he can dictate a match when in form with his powerful striking of the ball.

John Curran
  1. John Curran  
John is the son of Steve Curran and has been involved in the first team since the age of nine, fully cementing his place at 14 years of age. Still only 24 years old, he captains the side and currently Llechryd’s biggest batsman as well as being a more than useful bowler. Been offered to play higher but due to work and the love for the club he has stayed. His highest score was a mighty 204 not out, with plenty of hundreds.

Ronnie Ratcliff
  1. Ronnie Ratcliff
One of the Llechryd ‘greats’, back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. He could also bowl as a bonus and could have played for any club in the county but stayed loyal to Llechryd. 
He was renowned for smashing the balls to all parts of the ground and a real match winner who could change a game in just a few overs.

  1. Peter Davies  
A player with the most uncomplimentary nickname in the county. He was a real Pembrokeshire character, you wouldn’t know which Pete would turn up on the day and if he did was he sober or not. But still a really good cricketer, from winning man of matches in finals with his mighty hitting power or bowling his slow spin stuff.
  1. Olly Guildford  
The wicket keeper of the side and a top class batsman, saved us and won us game batting in the middle order. A real hero to the side. Quickest hands ever seen on a keeper and would stand up to everyone.
  1. Tom Reader  
Tom was a highly aggressive bowler with some real scary pace. He could smash the ball as well, but his bowling was his art.
  1. James Lewis-Bowen
Jim had played cricket for Llechryd before college and later went out to Kenya to coach children who later made it into their national team - and has done a lot of fund-raising to get cricket kit for children to play in areas where there was none available. Played cricket in Sussex and London before he came back into our area with his business and surprised everyone with just how fast he was!

Matthew Fraser

  1. Matthew Fraser
Matt was the genuine all-rounder of the side, who could bat in any position and bowl excellent long spells with his pace stuff.  Unfortunately, his work commitments as a policemen stopped him playing as much as he or we would have liked but he put several years into helping build Llechryd up on their climb through the divisions.

  1. Ed Boulderson
Ed just turned up to nets on a Wednesday night in the 90s, said he could bat and bowl a bit – and boy was that a big understatement.  He had been a semi-professional when he was younger and had some scary pace. We only had him for a few season, but he was Llechryd’s fastest bowler and we missed him when he went.
12th Men:

Rhys Beard  

Rhys Beard  
Rhys is one of the most talented players we’ve had at Llechryd. Still only 28, you just don’t know what you are going to get from him. A fast bowler who swings the ball a mile and can win a game within a few balls with his powerful striking of a cricket ball.

Kevin Evans  
A fantastic player and great all a rounder of the side. He has been a real Llechryd cult figure over his time but sadly for us has worked away for long periods and so was able to play only now and then.

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