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Introduction to Insport Club

What are the benefits of insport?

The purpose for insport Club is to support clubs in developing their provision so that it includes disabled people with the aim of increasing participation and membership, enable larger sections of community sport to become involved with inclusive activities, and continue to provide great sport across Wales.

Clubs are asked to produce certain supporting documents or have certain policies in place in order to achieve an insport standard e.g. DBS Check processes, welfare policy.

Examples of templates are available to support clubs to achieve this. There are 4 different levels of insport: Ribbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold. There are certain grants that can be accessed that will fund disability sport/physical activity projects.

You will get support from the local Disability Sport Wales Development Officer who can give advice on how to adapt the activities in your club to suit disabled people.

The programme encourages clubs to have certain policies in place that will benefit them and help the club become stronger. Increased awareness of club activities locally through social and traditional media channels. club FAQ Rhuban Ribbon Efydd Bronze Arian Silver Aur Gold Your club membership could increase due to widening its potential membership target group.

You will have plans in place for anyone who attends the club meaning you can cater for a wider audience; this can make you stand out from the other clubs in the area.

Your club will become more appealing to families with a disabled person in as they know you will be able to cater for all of them. If my club becomes inclusive will we get inundated with disabled members?

It’s very unlikely you will get a huge amount of new disabled people turning up to your club in one go.

The likelihood is that you could gain disabled siblings/friends from current members.

Supported by insport Club FAQ the club have to send all the coaches on Disability Inclusion Training or Sport Specific Disability Training?

Will the club have to buy new equipment to cater for disabled members?

Delivering inclusion within a proud sporting nation disabilitysportwales.com 0300 300 3115 Disability Sport Wales, Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff CF11 9SW A Disability Sport Wales Programme,

The first point of call will be the local Disability Sport Wales Development Officer who can offer advice on how to adapt activities and support the club in becoming inclusive.

We do recommend that coaches attend a form of Disability Sport Training whether it is specific to their sport or a generic course.

The most important part of inclusion is making sure the coach understands the disabled person’s needs. This can be done by simply asking the disabled person if there is anything the coach needs to do in order for them to take part in the session.

 On certain occasions it’s not essential for clubs to purchase new specific disability sport equipment.

Disability Sport Wales Development Officers encourage clubs to work with the equipment they have. A large part of including disabled people in sport sessions is down to the planning and making sure the activities chosen are suited to the people attending. Your local Disability Sport Wales Development Officer may be able to lend clubs equipment, or they can help source the correct equipment.

If new equipment is needed, clubs can apply for support through grant funding. Your local sport development unit will be able to support with this. Further information: WWwww.clubsolutions.wales/insport-club.