Cariann aiding young people to get active enjoy keeping fit and healthy

Cariann Griffiths‘Going under the Sport Pembrokeshire spotlight this month is Cariann Griffiths, whose role helps her give back to sport and aid young people to get active and enjoy keeping fit and healthy.

Cariann is a Secondary Active Young Person Officer with Sport Pembrokeshire, based at Tenby’s Greenhill School.

She also works as part of the Peripatetic PE Tutor team covering Wolfscastle, Penrhyn Dewi and Ger y Llan Primary Schools.

Keen sportswoman herself

A keen sportswoman, Cariann took every opportunity to take part in physical activity while growing up.

Everything from netball to sailing has been enjoyed but hockey has always been the first love, with Cariann playing for Fishguard and Goodwick, and Swansea University’s 1st team.

A job with Sport Pembrokeshire seemed a natural progression for Cariann, who began volunteering throughout sixth from in Ysgol Bro Gwaun, running the odd lunchtime football, hockey or dodgeball club as well as helping out in tournaments and holiday sport camps.

Graduated after being Platinum Young Ambassador

Cariann later became a Sport Pembrokeshire Platinum Young Ambassador, volunteering and helping with the home education sessions, tournaments, sports camps and after-school community clubs around the county.

She graduated with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science in 2019 and the experience gained with Sport Pembrokeshire allowed her to successfully apply for a Secondary Active Young Person Officer role with a community aspect.

Sport-for-all philosophy

Cariann said: “This role enables me to give something back to the sport and physical activity industry as it gave me so much growing up and it still does to this day.

“It allows me to provide young individuals with the opportunity to take part and enjoy physical activity and a wide range of sports, whilst highlighting the benefits.

“Being in the role has made me realise that there is something for everyone and with sport being so inclusive, it benefits all individuals as well as giving every young person a great start.”

Developing the benefits of sport

One of Cariann’s passions is to ensure that sport continues to play a key role in improving the mental, physical and social well-being of young people in Pembrokeshire.

“It is also important that we ensure that all children and adolescents are physical literate; having the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to participate in sport and physical activity throughout their life,” Cariann added.

She went on: “Having the link between school and community sport is valuable for the opportunities provided to the young community of the county, which aid the development of healthy, active and confident individuals.

“Essentially, we need to keep investing in school and community sport to continue to see the children develop skills, build confidence and commit to participating in their chosen sport or sports.

“It is brilliant to see youngsters we work with in school, enjoy a sport and carry on their journey with that specific sport by deciding to join a community club. This is why it is vital we keep investing in them.”

Helped develop the Sport Pembrokeshire Learning Zone

When the pandemic struck Cariann and her Sport Pembrokeshire colleagues took their coaching and teaching to the digital playing field.

“As a team we created the Sport Pembrokeshire Learning Zone. It is a great resource with plenty of information from links to physical activity ideas, lesson plans, sport challenges to healthy eating recipes.

“The pandemic has also giving us the time to revamp our social media platforms including the Sport Pembrokeshire YouTube channel which has been uploaded with skilful multisport tutorial videos for people to watch and engage with.

“With the pandemic slowing down, the important role we now play is going back into our schools to get the youngsters engaging in sport, enjoying being active and developing the skills to become well-rounded individuals.”

Sporting involvement is more vital than ever


Turning to the future, Cariann believes the team’s role in schools is more required than ever.

‘The pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking part in sport and physical activity for both physiological and psychological effects.

“I hope that we now see participation in sport and physical activity in a new perspective, with its importance and benefits being showcased throughout the pandemic.

“For school sport in Pembrokeshire, it is vital that we aim to encourage participation from all ages and disadvantaged learners whilst continuing to offer opportunities with our service.”