The Silver Jack will soon be rolling at Pembroke Dock Bowling Club

Pembroke Dock Bowling Club will commence on Saturday 6th April

The 2019 season at Pembroke Dock Bowling Club will commence on Saturday 6th April, when the green will be opened by the customary rolling of the Silver Jack.

Mr Brian DowlingThis year the current longest-serving member of the club, namely, Mr Brian Dowling, has been invited to get the season underway by rolling the Silver Jack.

Brian is pictured right receiving the Tee Shield in 1970; the first of a great number of trophies won during his illustrious bowling career. He has, so far, clocked up 50 years as a member of Pembroke Dock Bowling Club and there is no record of any other member achieving such a long active membership.

Still playing a significant part

Brian continues to play a significant part in the club’s first team, competing in the County’s first division. Only last season, Brian was a member of the winning seniors rink in the County Championships – going on to compete in the National Finals in Llandrindod Wells.

Brian, together with Mrs Glenys Scourfield, is pictured in 2018 having been presented with the Rembrandt Trophy; this is the latest (but not last!) trophy to  grace the Dowling mantelpiece.

Open invitation at the Memorial Park

Have you ever thought of playing bowls? If so, why not come along to Pembroke Dock Bowling Club and give it a try. Bowls is a sport that can be played by men and women of all ages, making it the perfect sport for everyone;  and for families to enjoy.

Pembroke Dock Bowling Club, situated within the Memorial Park (off Bush Street), boasts a superb outdoor bowling green and a comfortable fully-licensed lounge bar where you can be assured of a warm welcome.

The club boasts two men’s teams and two ladies’ teams. The club plays league matches within the county throughout the summer and also numerous friendly games against local clubs and touring clubs from around the country.

Coaching available – and so is equipment

Our qualified coaches are always ready to welcome, assist and develop those wishing to begin playing bowls. The club has bowls and other bowling equipment available at the club to borrow.

So if you live in the area why not give it a try! If you want to find out more, contact Mr Alistair Benn (secretary) on 01646 687268 or contact the bowling club direct on 01646 622715, or just call into the club.