Rory is the first Pembrokeshire Strong Man champion!

Top three in first ever Pembrokeshire Strongman

Pembrokeshire Strong Man Competition: 

Rory Brown pulling a tractorThe first-ever Pembrokeshire Strongman event was recently held at the KeyHolder Gym in Pembroke Dock and it was appropriate that Rory Brown, who had done so much to bring the sport to the county, was the inaugural winner.
Rory edged out Wayne Rogers (Neyland) in a terrific tussle the 'Intermediates' category and Haverfordwest Cricket Club's fast bowler Adam James showed the strength he displays with some big hitting as he won the 'Novices' category.


Adam makes a winning novice debut

Novice winner Adam JamesIt was Adam's first-ever attempt at this new sport and what he missed in technique he made up for in the determination that is part of his approach by taking the silverware from Darren Talbot, who had made the long journey from Devon to compete, and Tom Reubens, who plays his football for Clarbeston Road.
As well as providing the large number of supporters, who turned out in quite abject weather to cheer their favourites on, there was another huge benefit for charity in the county as the magnificent sum of £605 was raised for Pembrokeshire Mind, despite the fact that there was no official charge; but those in attendance made voluntary contributions or took part in the charity raffle.

Rare battle for vital points

Good lift by Rory BrownIn the 'Inters' category the keen battle for points began in the first event as competitors had to perform the 'Axle Squat' as many times as they could and Rogers edged out Brown by completing 11 squats, one more than Brown.
But it was Brown who fought back in the overhead medley, where they endured the torture of lifting a 100kg bar, a 110kg log, a 120kg axle and 70kg monster dumbbell to test their arm strength to the very full - and also came out on top again as carried the 300kg yoke and 20-metre long farmer's walk with 120kg in weights in each hand, recording the fastest time.

Undoubted highlights

One of the highlights of the event was to see each competitor pull a seven-tonne tractor down a 20-metre stretch of the car park and Rogers showed his immense strength and sound technique as he was the only one to complete the course in the allocated time - but Brown kept the pressure on by picking up vital points as the best of the rest.
But the undoubted show stopper was the Atlas Stones Lift, where each contestant had to lift the huge concrete balls from the floor onto a five feet high platform, with their respective weights being 110kgs, 125kgs, 135kgs, 145kgs and a mind-blowing 160kgs (almost 18 stone!)
Despite their valiant efforts, some competitors were unable to lift all five but in the final analysis it was a delighted Brown who edged out Rogers by just ONE SECOND to take the major trophy, which was presented by Gavin Bilton (Caerphilly) who is currently Wales second strongest man and ranked ninth in the UK and was the guest referee.
The participants in the Intermediate Category were:
1st: Rory Brown (SAW & Key Holders' Gym)
2nd: Wayne Rogers (Neyland)
3rd: Steve Mynott (Devon)
4th: Alyn Morris (Bridgend)
5th: Dean Innes (Key Holders' Gym)
6th: Mark Davies (Key Holders' Gym)
Novices Category:
1st: Adam James (Haverfordwest)
2nd: Darren Talbot (Devon)
3rd: Tom Reubens: Clarbeston Road
4th: Carl Rees (SAW Gym)
5th: Lloyd Davies (Tenby)
6th: Thomas Johns (Haverfordwest)
7th: Jamie Condon (SAW & The Power Shack)
8th: Rodney Phillips (Key Holders' Gym)
Others with a vital involvement were the weight loaders for each event, Adam Bentley and Mark Coaker, whose health & safety responsibilities were superbly performed, with great thanks going to Johnny Gammon, the owner of the Key Holders' Gymnasium, plus all the families, friends and general public who helped make this event one that is sure to be continued next year at the same venue.