Life membership awarded to Collette

Mrs. Collette Bethwaite Mrs. Collette Bethwaite was made an honorary life member of Pembroke Dock Bowling Club at the recent annual general meeting. Life membership is only awarded to those who have provided a significant period of exceptional service to the club. 
Collette joined the club approximately 25 years ago with her late husband George and is highly regarded throughout Pembrokeshire and further afield as an  adept bowler who plays the game in a competitive and sporting manner.
Fourteen years ago, Collette qualified as an Umpire allowing her to officiate at home, international and British Isles competitions. Over the years she has given freely of her time to officiate at numerous events, often being the first to arrive and the last to leave at the end of play. She is recognised by fellow umpires and players as being ‘firm but fair’ when required to adjudicate.

Collette coaches as well!

Collette is also a qualified Welsh Bowling Association coach. Since Covid restrictions were lifted, Collette has provided coaching sessions on Monday evenings for over 30 people, the majority of her proteges have joined the club and play regularly in league matches and compete in competitions.
A delighted Collete responded to receiving the well deserved award from club chairman Richard Hissey by saying, ‘Never in the world did I expect this award, it is a great honour and better than winning the lottery. George, my late husband, would be extremely proud’.
Everyone within Pembroke Dock Bowling Club and fellow bowlers in the County would agree that the prestigious award is richly deserved.