Junior Netball Results - 9th April 2022

UNDER 12s:

Sapphires Black 9 Pembroke (1) 10
Players’ players: 
Sapphires: Lowys Maulio Martino
Pembroke: Freya Cook 

Fishguard 13 Pembroke (1) 9
Players’ players:
Fishguard: Anna Walden-Jones
Pembroke: Freya Cook 

UNDER 14s: 

Sapphires Black 22 Fishguard 10
Players’ players: 
Sapphires: Mali Green 
Fishguard: Abbie Griffiths 

UNDER 16s: 

Chaos Blues 41 Pembroke 9 
Players’ players:
Chaos: Libby Haggar 
Pembroke: Rebecca Mason 

Today saw the last of the league fixtures on a Saturday. A couple of in-house games to play and the junior season will be over for another year. 

Under 14s Sapphires Black 

Under 12s Pembroke 1 

Under 16s Chaos Blue 

Under 12s Fishguard A 

Under 14s Fishguard