Sean steers The Meads to short mat triples success

Action on the mat

Short Mat Triples Competition:

Veteran bowler Martin Davies shows he can still bowl a mean woodThe Pembrokeshire Short Mat Bowling Association recently held its annual 'Red Card' county triples tournament at the excellent bowling facility at Heatherton Park. with bowlers from across the county competing for the chance to represent Pembrokeshire in the Welsh Finals at Llandrindod Wells.

With the top four teams to qualify there was no shortage of competition as the 18 teams were divided into six groups on a 'round robin' basis, with the section table toppers joined by the best two runners up in the quarter finals.

Youngsters encouraged by Clive and Gordon – and Rod wins the wooden spoon

Also a pleasing part of the day was the attendance of a group of young players and under 21s who were benefitting from the expertise of  Clive Law and Gordon Williams (Penally SMB) as they received excellent coaching alongside the chance to try their luck in a competitive, but fun environment!

Junior bowlers with Clive Law and Gordon WilliamsAfter every team had the chance to play three games there were four triples with a 100% record and these were Sean Hughes and the trios led respectively by Andrew Hudson, Mikey John, Martin Davies and Andrew Evans. Joining them were skips Rob Hughes, Mark Taylor and Neil Hoad, with Rod Kendrick (Letterston) leading the chase for the wooden spoon as they finished with a 100% losing record, picking up just 16 shots - but having a rattling good day out nonetheless!

Real battles in quarter and semi-finals

In the quarter finals Sean Hughes and Co beat Mark Taylor's trio by 11-9, whilst Martin Davies edged out Andrew Evans 11-10 - and Rob Hughes beat Mikey John by 7-6, whilst Andrew Hudson easily accounted for the trio lead by Neil Hoad (19-3).

Organisers Chris Gilley and Mark TaylorThe semi-finals were equally combative before Sean Hughes and Andrew Hudson eased into the final, where fortunes ebbed and flowed before Sean Hughes (joined by Mark Thorpe and James John-Davies) had the final word with a 10-9 victory over Andrew Hudson, his father Paul and Jon Gladstone (Hook), enjoyed by those watching mat-side.

In third place was Martyn Davies, Kate Hudson-Brown and Chris Holder (also Hook), who beat club colleagues Rob Hughes, Kevin Davies and Peter Norman into fourth spot.

The whole event was expertly organised by Chris Gilley and Mark Taylor.

 The battling old timers from Letterston

Action on the mat
Veteran bowler Martin Davies shows he can still bowl a mean wood
Junior bowlers with Clive Law and Gordon Williams
Organisers Chris Gilley and Mark Taylor
The battling old timers from Letterston