Pembrokeshire Power pays off for Aaron

Aaron Hoskings prepares to lift at Irish Pro Lifters competition

Pembrokeshire’s star power lifter Aaron Hosking was recently invited to compete in the Irish Pro Lifters Competition which featured the top 45 competitors from far and wide and he came back across the Irish Sea with the prestigious trophy and the first prize of over 1000 euros.

It was a fantastic effort which was made all the more amazing when one considers that Aaron almost had to withdraw from the competition due to an accident in the gym in the build-up to his practising when a 25kg plate dropped on his foot

Aaron Hoskings with winning belt at Irish Pro Lifters competitionAlmost denied the chance in freak accident

“It was a terrible pain shattering my big toe,” said Aaron “but the plastic surgeons in Morriston Hospital did an unbelievable job and I can never thank them enough for how they repaired my foot and helped me get back on my feet as soon as possible.

“The competition had some of the biggest names in the world on the lift roster and after not competing seriously for my years my nerves got the better of me on the squat and I only managed to squat my opening attempt of 390kg, missing 410kg twice.”

Disappointing start but Aaron fought back

By this point he believed it wasn't going to be his day, but he managed to pull himself together and bench pressed 290kg, which put him right back in the mix for a podium position.

“Next up was the deadlift, a discipline I had been working on endlessly through the whole preparation of the competition,” explained Aaron, “and I knew that I had the deadlift in me to get me the total I needed to win.

“I stepped onto the platform knowing that if I deadlifted 312.5kg I would come away with the prize money and the belt for1st place. This is a total that I have pulled before in training on many occasions so I stepped onto the platform and pulled this 312.5kg deadlift with ease, which brought on a feeling I still can’t explain.

Pembrokeshire Powerlifting is back on the map

“Not only did I win the competition but I had the biggest total of 992.5kg, winning the prize money of 1000 euros – and it's great to be back lifting at my best again but most importantly putting myself and the Pembrokeshire Powerlifting club I run back on the map again.

“Now October 5th/6th will see Pembrokeshire Powerlifting Club hosting the BPU Welsh qualifier in its new premises in Cresselly so for anyone that is interested in the sport and would like to support your local lifters then go down there because everyone is welcome.”

Aaton Hoskings with other Irish Pro Lifters winners