Junior Netball Results - 19th October 2019


Pembroke 25 v Narberth 7

Players’ players: Megan Bowen (Pembroke) and Phyllis Davies (Narberth)

Under 14’s:

Sapphire White 15 v St Davids Black 15

Players’ players: Nell McKay (Sapphire White) and Fee Davies (St Davids Black) 


Under 16’s:

Fishguard 14 v Chaos Violets 16 

Players’ players: Libby Rands (Fishguard) and Tilly Field (Chaos Violets) 

Under 16’s: 

Sapphire White 29 v St Davids Black 14

Players’ players: Teeghan Waring (Sapphire White) and Jess Jenkins (St Davids Black) 

Under 16’s: 

Narberth 16 v 15 Pembroke 

Players’ players: Aine Sharpe (Narberth) and Elin Edwards (Pembroke)