We recognise the 'People Who Count' in local cricket

Cricket Scorers Feature:

It is often said, quite rightly, that there is a third team involved on the pitch for cricket matches and that is the umpires, but everyone heavily involved in cricket would also say that just behind the boundary rope there is a fourth important duo and that is the scorers who must work in tandem, and link closely with the match officials to make sure that the scores are correct at all times.
Sadly, not all clubs seem able to recruit scorers and it can sometimes cause problems, but clubs which are lucky to have them on a regular basis know the huge benefits – and in this short space we are delighted to highlight the ladies and gentlemen who do a great job in our local league’s divisions one and two.

John Laugharne‘Laugharnie’ still leads the way . . .

Undoubtedly the doyen of these dedicated people is John Laugharne, who is now 81 years young and has had an amazing number of appearances for Neyland as a player and now scorer in the Harrison-Allen Bowl and Duggie Morris Cup Finals, more in total than anyone else I know.
This year ‘Laugharnie’ not only scored in all the league and local cup matches but also travelled the length and breadth of South Wales and England in the National Village and Welsh Cup games that his team played so that he was away ‘up the line’ on most Sundays – so wife Jenny deserves a medal for her support too!.


Jayne Cole. . . And Jayne has a record that is unlikely to be beaten!

The best-known and respected lady scorer has to be Jayne Cole, who has been involved at Haverfordwest for around 40 years and scored at 19 Bowl Finals (10 of them with The Town as winners) plus quite a few Duggie Morris Cup Finals as well. Jayne worked as a nurse for most of her adult life and travelled down from her home in Briton Ferry (where she still lives) for almost all of that time!
Perhaps just as importantly, Jayne has also helped others just starting out around the county, and was one of the first scorers to successfully adopt the ‘Play Cricket’ live scoring system, even as play is progressing – and it would be hard to envisage cricket on The Racecourse without Jayne scoring for the first team!
In many other clubs it is often the case that scorers also play fundamental roles in their organisation and this is certainly the case with our next two scorers.


Wendy Bradshaw‘Mum’ Wendy is vital to Tish’s organisation

Wendy Bradshaw does so much work at St Ishmaels in terms of administration and other aspects of the club, as well as being regarded as something of a ‘mother figure’ to all the players (other than one or two who are at least as old as she is!).
Her son Peter, a key player at Tish, might be responsible for her taking up scoring because she used to along to watch him and was ‘persuaded’ to take on the role, as was her husband Chris in terms of helping to look after the ground.


Malcolm ThomasMalcolm has worked hard for Lawrenny
– for 50 years!

The same can certainly be said about Lawrenny’s Malcolm Thomas, who not only scores all the first team games but spends many hours each week in tending the pitch from his nearby home - and is unofficial painter and decorator of the clubhouse and changing rooms with the likes of another great club servant in Chris Williams.
Not content with that little lot, Malcolm has been Lawrenny’s hon treasurer for 50 years and is the club’s unofficial press officer as he calmly deals with queries from nuisance sports journalists, even as the games go on!


Teagan Cartwright Carys JenkinsTwo smashing young ladies at Cresselly

Cresselly have had Teagan Cartwright doing a good job at Cresselly for a number of years as well as playing for the ladies’ team but has said that at the end of the season she would consider stepping down because of her home and work commitments as well as being a gifted artist who specialises in painting family pets and other animals.
Whenever Teagan has been unavailable this season the club has been lucky that Carys Jenkins has stepped in as the youngest scorer in the section – because she was injured and so unable to play any cricket herself. It will be interesting to see if either young lady (or both) is scoring at Cresselly in 2022!


Julie DaviesJulie not only scores but supplies sweets . . .

Just down the road at Carew the scorer is Julie Davies who took over the reins in the scorebox after going to watch son Rhys captain the first team without a regular scorer available. So she bravely accepted the invitation to give it a try without any real idea of what was needed but says she had terrific help from ladies sitting alongside her from other clubs and now has a book that looks a treat with her colour coding system.
This season has seen her score in the Duggie Morris Cup and Harrison-Allen Bowl finals and is another unofficial press officer – and supplier of sweets for the local press so thanks Jules!

Ann-Marie Jenkins with partner Rob Benjamin

. . . And Ann-Marie is another brilliant scorer!

Another smashing lady who started out as scorer for Whitland’s second string is Ann-Marie Jenkins and she joined the first team when the need arose – and is another who can use the ‘Play Cricket’ app and stays very calm when being plagued by the local press.

The family is very committed to the club because both her boys play and her partner Rob Benjamin now scores for the seconds or thirds and is one of the neatest fellers I have known doing the job!

Gwyneth JohnsGwyneth has a great understanding of the game

There can be no greater commitment from a family in local cricket than the Johns’ quartet in Narberth, where mum Gwyneth looks after the first team scorebook with real commitment as it looks a picture, and understands the game so well that she can paint vivid word pictures of things that happen in the game for old timers like myself.
Her husband Mike still joins sons Davy and Matthew as players and on the rare occasions that Gwyneth is unable to score they are lucky to have Emma Richards and the husband and wife duo of Richard and Rhian Howell to step in!


Adge John‘Gentleman’ Adge overcomes real difficulties

It is nice to finish the first division with an old friend in Adge John, who was a very good cricketer with Kilgetty in his day and does amazingly well to score now for Saundersfoot because he has sight problems that make it very difficult to recognise players at such a distance. He says he has great help from the other scorers around the county but I bet they love scoring with a gentleman of sport. And I would like to offer a personal thank you to him for helping me with details of scores despite it being difficult – so all the best Adge, old friend!