Trevor took a tumble on a Swans’ visit to Southampton

Trevor Morgans has done a terrific job of encouraging young footballers across the county but when he attended the Carmarthenshire versus Pembrokeshire inter-county match recently it was surprising to see the normally energetic Mr Morgans on crutches.
Trevor Morgans As well as his efforts as being a member of the Management Committee of the Manderwood Pembrokeshire Football League, Trevor is an avid season-ticket holder with Swansea City who attends all the Swans' away games as well as those at The Liberty Stadium - but he will remember their match at St Mary’s Field, the home of Southampton, for all the wrong reasons.

Good day’s football planned – but . . .

Trevor and his wife Gill stayed with their son Steve in Slough prior to the match and the two fellers travelled down to Southampton by train so that they could have a pint but at the last minute decided to have a coffee, which sadly proved to be his downfall.
Trevor was enjoying his decaf latte at a pavement cafe when he bent over to pick up a serviette he had dropped, overbalanced and clattered to the floor.
"I knew something was up," admitted Trevor, "but we decided to carry on regardless and got a taxi to St Mary's Field - but when I tried to get out it had stiffened up and I couldn't move!"

Missed the match!

"It was a bit embarrassing as I was wheeled into the first aid room at the ground, and even worse happened then because I had to wait for over two hours for an ambulance to arrive so Steve and I missed the match!"
There was a further wait at Southampton General before he was told that his hip wasn't broken and he was eventually released so that Gill could travel down and pick him up and take him back to Slough, where he slept on the sofa.

Going from bad to worse

That series of mishaps was bad enough but things got even worse for poor old Trevor in the morning as he tried to get up but had to fall back on the sofa because by then his leg was swollen and he had to be taken to nearby hospital, where an X-ray revealed he had broken his femur and needed an operation!
It took place the day afterwards and he had to stay in the ward for another four days so that the swelling could go down - and then had the long journey home.
It is typical of Trevor that he was still full of smiles as he recounted his saga to Gordon Thomas, Micky Phillips and I - and even happily posed for an action pic with his crutches.
It is pleasing to report that he is back in action and has been to see The Swans in the intervening time - but said that next time he travels to St Mary's Field there is no chance that he will have a coffee instead of a pint!