Sunday - Indoor Cricket League - 2nd April 2017

Lawrenny claim two victories

Participating Teams: Neyland B, Lawrenny, PAC
Venue: Tenby Leisure Centre
Umpires: Allan Hansen & Peter Davies
Scorer: Nathan Sutton (Neyland)

IN the penultimate weekend Lawrenny picked up victories against PAC and Neyland B, with PAC also gaining a win over Neyland B.

Next Sunday, April 8th the Indoor Cricket League will be decided when unbeaten Neyland A and Haverfordwest A teams will go head to head, with Cleaddau Crusaders taking on both title seekers.



PAC (137 for 3) beat Neyland B (123 for 3)

PAC Batting:
Jack Nicholas retired 43
Lewis Hough c&b Tom Pritchard 27
Harry Nicholas ct Tom Pritchard b Henry Durrant 12
Rob Kingston not out 10
Paul Nicholas run out 0
Extras 16
Total (for 3 wickets) 137
Neyland B Bowling: Henry Durrant 0-15; Steven Murray 0-18; Geraint Rees 0-31; Tom Pritchard 1-18; Paul Miller 1-20.

Neyland B Batting:
Henry Durrant b Paul Nicholas 20
Paul Miller ct&b Tom Pritchard 27
Steven Murray b Rob Kingston 20
Luke Ryan not out 32
Geraint Rees not out 27
Tom Pritchard not out 7
Extras 8
Total (for 3 wickets) 123
PAC Bowling: Jack Nicholas 1-22; Harry Nicholas 0-24; Rob Kingston 1-22; Paul Nicholas 1-20; Lewis Hough 0-26.

Brad McDermott-Jenkins and Harry Thomas - both did well early on as Lawrenny built up a huge score at Narberth

Brad McDermott Jenkins (34 not out) and Harry Thomas (retired 39) batted well for Lawrenny in their win against PAC



PAC (108 for 3) lost to Lawrenny (110 for 4)

PAC Batting:
Jack Nicholas retired 29
Harry Nicholas retired 29
Lewis Hough run out 23
Rob Kingston run out 22
Paul Nicholas not out 0
Extras 3
Total (for 3 wickets) 108
Lawrenny Bowling: James Buckle 0-16; Rob Williams 0-28; Jamie Lewis 0-24; Brad McDermott-Jenkins 0-28; Harry Thomas 0-14.

Lawrenny Batting:
Harry Thomas retired 39
Rob Williams b Paul Nicholas 4
Brad McDermott-Jenkins not out 34
James Buckle run out 22
James Lewis run out 2
Owen James b Lewis Hough 0
Extras 9
Total (for 4 wickets) 110
PAC Bowling: Jack Nicholas 0-20; Paul Nicholas 1-19; Lewis Hough 1-29; Rob Kingston 0-23; Harry Nicholas 0-10.


Rob WilliamsLawrenny (135 for 4) beat Neyland B (111 for 3)

Lawrenny Batting:
Harry Thomas ct&b Henry Durrant b Paul Miller 1
Brad McDermott-Jenkins run out 36
Rob Williams not out 51
James Buckle ct Tom Pritchard b Geraint Rees 21
Owen James bowled Tom Pritchard 0
James Lewis ct Henry Durrant b Geraint Rees 17
Extras 10
Total (for 4 wickets) 135
Neyland B Bowling: Paul Miller 1-25; Henry Durrant 0-27; Tom Pritchard 1-26; Steven Murray 0-29; Geraint Reed 2-23.
Neyland B Batting:
Henry Durrant run out 14
Paul Miller lbw Brad McDermott-Jenkins 14
Geraint Rees retired 26
Luke Ryan ct Rob Williams b Harry Thomas 13
Steven Murray not out 21
Tom Pritchard not out 9
Extras 14
Total (for 3 wickets) 111
Lawrenny Bowling: James Buckle 1-22; Jamie Lewis 0-24; Rob Williams 0-19; Brad McDermott-Jenkins 1-24; Harry Thomas 1-13.

Rob Williams cracked 51 not out for Lawrenny