Sporting Snippets - Part 2

Stuart’s never short of a word or two!

Stuart Williams Stuart Williams has long been president of Haverfordwest Cricket Club and loved nothing more when he was long-time club captain than being taken to Swansea by his much-younger team mates, to cheer on Glamorgan . . .

When Glamorgan beat Worcestershire in the NatWest Trophy at St Helens a large group went to watch from Haverfordwest Cricket Club, with the younger players encouraged to look after Stuart Williams in terms of food and drink, especially the latter.

They certainly did well in the latter because he caused some mirth amongst their section of the crowd as Worcestershire’s fast bowler Neil Radford seemed to shout for LBW decisions far more than was normal, and received some ‘stick’ from the crowd.

It was at this time that Stuart pulled himself up to his full 6 feet 5 inches and shouted out,

“That man’s had more appeals than the RNLI or RSPCA!” which not only caused a ripple of applause and laughs galore but even brought a smile to the face of Neil Radford!



‘Mackie’ slips up as unofficial press officer

Alan McClellandWe start this week with an old story about the irrepressible Alan McClelland towards the end of his long career after he had looked sharp in pre-season training and played really well for Milford Haven in the first match at The Obs . . .

Mackie was enjoying a post-match pint at the bar when the phone rang and, being the helpful chap that he is, rushed around to answer it when it was announced that it was the local gutter press seeking the score and some details and not, as some of his naughty team mates suggested, that he wanted to mention that he had been a star.

But before Mackie reached the phone the reporter heard a crashing noise, a dreadful yelp and the sound of loud laughter.

After what seemed a long time the man from the press heard Mackie’s pained voice at the other end of the line as he gasped out the necessary details.

Mackie sustained an ankle injury and will miss a few week’s play but has now been landed with the temporary role of press officer – but it is hard to accept that he is blaming yours truly for his temporary absence from the No 9 red and white hooped jersey because I phoned at the wrong time!


Had the referee worn his whistle out?

There has always been a lot of earthy humour at Heywood Lane and my first snippet came in a Boxing Day match against Pembroke Dock Quins on a pitch that became increasingly muddy as the game went on . . .

The referee invoked the angst of both sets of vociferous supporters as he stopped play with great regularity and after yet another stoppage following a bout of handbags he dropped his whistle in the mire.

He picked it up, wiped it down in his shorts and play progressed until another set-to amongst two powerful packs saw him look to give a loud blast of his whistle but it was clearly still clogged with mud and stayed mute.

To be fair to the official he stepped in and sorted matters out but didn’t receive any calls of ‘well done’ from the packed crowd but buckets of laughter as one wag said, “That’s because you’ve worn the bugger out ref!”

Strangely enough, even the players chuckled and, perhaps even stranger, there were no more instances of fisticuffs after that!



The announcer is silenced

Soon after that there was another example of Heywood Lane wit as I stood alongside two regular old codgers at a game where Ebbw Vale were the visitors . . .

I thought the announcer did a decent job of welcoming everyone, thanking the sponsors and naming both teams and replacements, plus some details about the referee from ‘up the line’.

 Perhaps he was a little too enthusiastic when tries were announced, but all that changed when visiting full back Chris Lake fielded a ball in his own 22 and launched a big kick back upfield which smashed into one of the strategically-placed loudspeakers.

“Ah well,” said one old boy to the other, “at least it means our ear-drums can have a rest now!” which I thought was a bit unkind – but I have to admit that I had a little quiet chuckle as his pal almost convulsed with laughter!


‘Kirks’ was a big hitter from the start!

Phil KirkbyDuring his long career as a big-hitting batsman with Haverfordwest CC it is fair to say that Phil Kirkby was recognised as a terrific timer of the ball and with the ability to stroke it long distances. Well, in Sporting Snippets we gave proof of that when he was a very young lad . . .

Phil Kirkby is a promising young batsman at Haverfordwest Cricket Club, with a reputation of having the ability to hit straight as he’s helped the youth team to the Ormond Cup Final and scoring lots of runs for The Town’s third team.

In the semi-final they played away to Dinas and he confirmed his hitting power as he pulled a huge six, not only over the boundary rope but straight through the window of the local junior school!

There was no way the ball could be recovered because the school was shut for the holidays and locals agreed it was one of the biggest hits seen at the ground.

I don’t know if Haverfordwest will be sent a bill for the damage but in Phil Kirkby they have a young man of great promise indeed!



‘Evs’ holds up the bus abroad!

Nicky EvansNicky Evans is one of the best-known cricketers from Pembrokeshire who is rightly doing an excellent job as president of the Pembroke County Cricket Club - - but over the years he has also travelled widely abroad to play for a range of clubs and counties, although on one occasion it didn’t quite go to plan . . .

Several Pembrokeshire cricketers recently went on a tour to France with Bronwydd Bohemians and made their mark on and off the field.

Amongst them was Nicky Evans, then a Kilgetty off-spinner, who popped into a shopping mall to get some duty-free and on his return to the bus was told that everyone had to show their passports before it was allowed on to the ferry.

Nicky was the only one who didn’t have his readily available, pointing out it was in his kit bag situated in the boot.

There followed a search for his kit bag amongst all the rest of the stuff there and a further delay occurred when he had problems locating it there and by the time that he found it the ferry had sailed – and we daren’t repeat what some of his Bohemian colleagues thought of that!

But Mr Evans maintained his usual placid, smiling approach, displaying the gaudy tie he was presented after one match, which will now form part of his special club tie collection for which he is becoming well-known around the county!