Sporting Snippets - Part 1

As we promised, this is the first of a regular series of our recalled ‘Sporting Snippets’ from years ago in the old ‘West Wales Guardian’ and ‘Western Telegraph’, where we highlight good news and good fun from the smashing sporting fraternity in our county.

Our aim was always to chuckle with, not laugh at, anyone mentioned and we hope everyone will do just that, with some new and some (very old!) stories.

To set the right tone the first mini-saga features our ‘Man from ‘’ about the time I was literally locked in a car whilst watching a game of cricket, even though I was desperate to go for a wee!


Let me out – I’m desperate!

Bill Carne screams let me outIt seems that slight misfortune can occur to anyone in sport, including this particular correspondent, who had watched Narberth RFC in their final match of a season before sauntering over to watch a bit of cricket between Narberth and Lawrenny on the adjoining pitch at The Lewis Lloyd Ground . . .
I decided I could write a report on the rugby whilst there and I was allowed into the back seat of the car owned by Chris and Rhona Williams, two great stalwarts of Lawrenny, and happily did just that as they went for a boundary walk to give me some peace.

But when I finished the article I needed to go for a pee and decided it was time for a walk around the boundary to the loo in the rugby club, only to discover that there was a child-proof lock on the door and so I was well and truly stuck!

I shouted a lot and banged on the window as people walked by and gave me a friendly wave but unfortunately, Mrs. Williams was not within shouting distance and missed my pleas – but after what seemed an age she returned and I bolted to the clubhouse.

When I got back to where the Lawrenny players were waiting their turn to go to the wicket word had clearly got out and I didn't half get teased by those lads, who love a leg pull more than most clubs!

'Millsy' causes Mayhem at Glebelands

Steve MillsOver a few seasons Steve Mills (Jnr) rightly earned the reputation of being a very big hitter in his role as an all-rounder with Johnston Cricket Club before he switched his allegiance ‘up the line’.

Well, Millsy was at it again in a recent match where he pulled a full toss onto the Glebelands’ clubhouse roof, breaking a tile in the process.

Several players and onlookers ducked for cover until the ball sailed over their heads, but after damaging the roof it rolled back down and landed smack on the head of team mate John Summons, who by then had relaxed, thinking the danger was over!

I bet he was cursing his younger team-mate but John is a tough farmer and took the blow in his stride when Steve finally got out and apologised – but I bet young Mills had to watch out for a while as John might seek a little bit of revenge!

Great generosity by the Goodwick lads

I loved this story when it came out because Goodwick have always had a reputation for being a tough bunch but showed their soft side in the little story . . .
When Goodwick United were drawn against KRUF in the second round of the West Wales Cup the Phoenix Park Lads weren't sure of their opponents’ credentials until Hon Sec Ron Hughes checked with his opposite number in the week beforehand.

Then Ron discovered that the club's name stood for Kidney Research Unit Fund and the team was a group of fun-loving footballers who just enjoyed playing football and raising as much money as possible for Kidney Research.

Rhys Dalling scored TEN goals as Goodwick United won 20-1 but what is great to report is the fact that the Goodwick United  players, supporters and committee raised £120 to send KRUF back home with a huge defeat - but with a positive result as far as their fund-raising goes!

So well done Nigel Delaney, his players and the rest of the Goodwick United crowd!

Right date – wrong venue!

Micky PhillipsMicky Phillips is rightly regarded as one of the very best administrators in local football and cricket but chuckled as he told me what happened after I had got wind of this small mistake which showed he was human like the rest of us . . .
Micky Phillips is rightly known as one of the most efficient administrators (and a lovely chap!) in local sporting circles after being heavily involved in county cricket and more recently doubling up as Hon Secretary & Hon Treasurer of the Manderwood Pembrokeshire Football League.

It is an onerous double role which Micky does well to keep abreast of but it is good to report that there are lighter moments – like the fact that he has been teased about a recent lapse of memory – or just a lack of knowledge about his home town of Haverfordwest.

Micky was due to attend a meeting at the Western Telegraph offices on Fishguard Road and when he didn’t turn up it was assumed that he had too much work on – but our Micky was waiting patiently in the car park at the old office at the other end of town!

Once the WT sporting staff got to know why the meeting hadn’t taken place they were collapsed with laughter – and gave him a town map free in case he gets lost looking for anywhere else!

 ‘Wolvesy also needs a new atlas

Wayne JonesI once went to watch Haverfordwest County play at Afan Lido with Wayne Jones, his assistant Sean Cresser and chairman David Hughes, with ‘Wolvesy’ as navigator. But he wasn’t as good at directions as he was at managing The Bluebirds . . .
If it’s any consolation to Micky, he’s not the only one who can get mixed up with venues – just ask Haverfordwest County manager Wayne Jones.

Now Wayne must have played or managed at every ground in Welsh League and Welsh Premier League Football but you wouldn’t have thought that when Wayne joined his assistant Sean Cresser, club chairman David Hughes and I when the Bluebirds were playing at Afan Lido.

“I know the way,” said Wayne confidently, and as we weaved through the back streets of Aberavon we seemed to be ok.

“Just turn left here, and bear right, and we should be there,” – and we were there – 15 yards from the sea on the sand at Aberavon Beach!”

I’m glad to report that David didn’t drive into the drink but reversed back safely and within two minutes we spotted the floodlights and we were safely ensconced at the ground as we were choked with laughter at Wayne’s red face!

‘Andy saved my car - but his got hit!

Andy WilliamsJackie WilliamsI always felt my car was in danger whenever I parked at the bottom end of the cricket pitch at Saundersfoot and on one occasion I inadvertently got a friend’s car hit instead . . .
Spare a thought as well for Andrew Williams, who has been a great supporter of football and cricket at Herbrandston for many years and is still very much the village’s sporting unsung hero.

Andy and wife Jackie were watching son Sean when he was playing for Haverfordwest at Saundersfoot and I jokingly asked him to make sure the ball didn’t hit my car, which was parked two cars across from his.

Dented carHe was kind enough to try and look after his old teacher but paid a bit of a price when a powerful straight drive flew down the slope, right on to his roof before he had time to move from protecting my vehicle.

I was full of apologies and he took everything in his stride as the nice gentleman he is – but I’ve often wondered if he still curses me whenever he visits Saundersfoot!

*And do you know what? Andy and Jackie still has that old banger – dent and all!*


Daley delves deep into his sporting memories


Nick DaleyNick Daley recently took part in Pembroke Dock Cricket Club’s excellent effort on Twitter where players recounted their most embarrassing moments, amongst other things.

I’ve known Nick for many years as a very good batsman and had a quiet chuckle at his claims to be a cricket all-rounder.

But I most enjoyed his tale of an incident at Llanrhian when he was able to laugh about himself after taking a very good boundary catch.

“I was naturally delighted as I ran around because it was an important wicket so I threw the ball high in the air and raised my arms – but then thought someone had hit me with a hammer as the ball landed straight on my bonce and I fell to the ground!

It goes without saying that his team-mates collapsed with laughter and one of them told me  there was no sympathy!

But Nick is a larger than life character and a nice guy - and I enjoyed a good chuckle with him when I heard about him on Twitter!