South Pembs Golf Club holding Charity Friday scheme

The South Pembs Golf Club
South Pembs Golf Club has come up with a novel way to  raise £10,000 by October for local charities with their ‘Charity Fridays’ scheme. All those who take part in Charity Friday's will be invited to nominate and vote on where the charity funds will be donated.
South Pembs Golf Club want to be at the heart of our wonderful community,” said spokesman Colin Kaijaks, “and have discounted non-member green fees by two-thirds to £5 on Charity Friday's so everyone in the community can help deserved causes by playing golf and South Pembs Golf Club will play its part by donating 10% of all revenue to the charity fund.”

Meet old friends – and make new ones

“It's not only a chance for a good healthy walk,” he added,  “it's also a chance to meet old friends as well as make new ones with a choice of hot meals and two pints for £10 in the clubhouse.
“And it's a bit of fun too as there's charity fines including 50p fine for any three putts: for any out of bounds: for more than eight shots on any hole: while it's a £2 fine for any club-throwing and a £10 fine for a hole in one! 

Interesting format

“The formats a bit different too with the ten best Charity Friday score cards between Friday April 21st and Friday October 13th entered into an individual league and at the same time into a team league.
“£2 of the £2.50 individual weekly entry fee is donated to the charity fund and 50p to the individual and team league prizes. Teams of three can change individuals weekly so it's easy for organisations or for a collection of friends to enter a team because individuals within a team can change weekly.
“Individuals can play whenever convenient and because ten individual and team scorecards count to the league between April 21st and October 13th golfers don't have to make a weekly commitment.