Ian Harvey selects best Broad Haven team over last 20 years

Broad Haven

Ian Harvey had been playing at Broad Haven for the last 13 years and carried out other roles too.

He has been player, manager and now Chairman and admits he sought the help of the club's older players, as well as the current ones, befoe picking this team from the last 20 years.

He did have something to clarify too: "I have been included but only by the others who helped me pick this."

Indeed, we got Ian's selection bit from elsewhere.

The club have won a few divisional cup trophies over the years and currently play in Division 2, having gone up under Dave Sudbury in 2017/18.

Interestingly, the Broad Haven side is the first to have a player manager too.


Jono is a local lad who started his Broad Haven career as an outfield player, but just happened to volunteer to go in goal when whoever was keeper was forced off with an injury. Jono never looked back, and became a great shop stopper who has won us cup finals and important league games with his saves.


I remember merry coming through our second team and being deployed in a few positions. he came into our defence at right back a few times and then formed a great partnership with Peter Thomas at the heart of the defence. He was key in our promotion to Division 2 and also our numerous cup final wins. Quick of the turn and if you were lucky to get past him you best have made the most of it.


Our 'captain, leader, legend.' Been at this club for over a decade and if there’s a header to be won or a tackle to be made, rest assured this guy will make it. He’s not bad with the ball at his feet as well. A few people would say to me isn't there a place he wouldn’t put his head! He’s a club man who has worn the armband through the clubs most successful period - lifting three divisional cups!


I never had  the chance to play with Paul in his prime- only at the end of his career and also in training. If there’s one guy that doesn’t feel pressure with the ball at his feet it’s Paul. He played in attacking roles in his early days and made the move into defence in his latter career, could read the game and was always available for his teammates. When your playing against young men 20 years younger than you and still taking them to school it says a lot about that player.


Another club legend who if you could see his traits, 'one club man' would be right at the top. When I arrived at Broad Haven Gareth was always a threat with his set piece delivery and crossing from the left hand side. He offered a lot going forward while also understanding the game enough to neutralise threats that would come his way.


My first memory of Shaun was walking into the changing room and seeing a guy who wore more strapping on his knees and legs than a football player should. He then stepped out onto the pitch and from the first whistle to the last won every header, sprayed balls from one side of the pitch to the other and tackled harder than anyone. This guy who had played semi-pro was strapping himself up and going through the pain barrier every game - and was still better than most over the 90 minutes.


This guy would play every game as if it were a cup final, the attitude and application he has given this club has been second to none. There was never a challenge he couldn’t overcome and when the scoreline wasn’t going our way, he would never let us give it up. A leader on and off the pitch whose work gave the license for the attacking players to do what they did.


Another who goes into the bracket of club legend. The left foot of this guy has produced some of the finer moments in our club's history. Whipping crosses in to the highest order I called it the 'silver service'. His work rate is of a level that you wonder what he had for breakfast. Always chipped in with goals which on the odd occasion could come with the right foot  - which was a shock.


The best word to describe Spencer is magician, he could pick the ball up outside his own box and somehow be then wheeling away celebrating a great goal a few seconds later. Something Peasy park has seen more often than not over his long, long broad haven career. A tenacious player whose presence on the pitch has always been a great benefit of this team.


Won a few golden boots in his time here and a proven goal scorer with a great will to win. Left foot, right food, headers, volleys and even the odd spectacular one, he can score all types of goals. But is also very versatile having played in midfield, defence and in goal on the odd occasion. A club legend with 13 years of service, always puts the best interests of the club first.


James started his broad haven career at right back, then he moved to right wing then he moved alongside me up front and got better every time. Explosive player and he would make a bad pass into a good one. Goals aplenty and if he wouldn’t have moved away to London he would still be scoring them now.



Was the club's top striker when I arrived and a great player to learn things from, could score all types of goals and bring others into to play with ease.


Ian came into our defence and turned it around with his presence, was never beaten easily and would always come on top over his attacking threat. Ended up crossing the halfway line on the occasion to set up the next attack. Another hard one to leave out.


Another who is a tad unlucky not to be in the first 11. Josh was a player who scored goals for fun in his time here and helped fire the team to Division 2. Quick off the mark and talented but a temper which never went unnoticed. Shame he couldn’t have played longer for the club.


Suds is the player manager of this team - he has to be on the bench to manage but was more than capable of starting. A centre back who had great explosive power and was quick off the mark. Great in the air and a handful to get past, I never played with him but on the rare occasion he donned the shirt he scored a halfway line screamer and made brief cameos of high quality. A manager who gave Broad Haven promotion and three cup final wins.