David loved his 'White Collar' boxing challenge

Bill Carne, Lee Anson and David Lawrence


A few weeks ago David Lawrence was looking forward to a night out with friends like Tim Evans, the owner of the ‘Pembrokeshire Feel Good’ Magazine at the White Collar Boxing Show at the Withybush Showground in Haverfordwest.
But all that changed because although he was still at the event he watched all the bouts bar one because he found himself in the ring, boxing in the heavyweight category over three two-minute rounds against Lee Anson, who at one time played rugby for Haverfordwest.
Because after a month of very hard training he was replacing another good friend in Lee Roach, who was due to take part but damaged his bicep in training and so was unable to take part.

Great support given from family and the ‘O’Sullivans too

“I must really thank Chris, Wayne, Sion and Alex O’Sullivan, plus Paul Thomas and Steve Dockerty, for the encouragement and good advice I had in the tough training, using the pads and punch bags, skipping, shadow boxing and sparring to make sure that I was ready to go in the ring.
“I also had the full support of my partner, Kelly Evans, the mother of our 18 month-old twins Bertie and Eddie, as well as Chelsea and Mikey.”

Other sports played before this

David has been a footballer for many years, starting out as a goalkeeper in the Fishguard Sports junior team run by John Luke, followed by a long spell playing full back for Letterston and then a four-year stint back in goal for Goodwick United, which included a 2-1 West Wales Cup Quarter Final  win against a Swansea side.
He stopped playing about four years ago and now, at 40, he was ready for this new challenge.
“I’ve always loved going to watch boxing and saw Chris O’Sullivan win his first Welsh title in Newport – and when I saw that this show was taking place I asked Wayne about having a go but the bouts were already full and they were building a waiting list.
“I must admit that I had a mixture of excitement and nervousness when I finally learned I was boxing as the night approached but I was just going to give it my best shot –and hopefully enjoy my first fight!”

A night to remember for David

And enjoy it David did because when he entered the ring for the fourth bout of the evening it was to the blare of music which he had chosen himself, and with some amazing support from his close family, friends, footballers and others who knew him well.
It certainly seemed to spur him on because after some tentative probes early on by both boxers David landed some telling jabs and powerful hooks that rocked his opponent back and caused experienced referee Steve Glover to jump in and stop the contest – but, sportsman that he is, David had almost beat him to it to see if Lee was OK!

And finally . . .

Fortunately Lee had quickly recovered and there were huge hugs between the pair before both received a memento from local sports writer Bill Carne, on behalf of bout sponsor Tim Evans, of the ‘Feel Good Pembrokeshire’ colour magazine that is very popular around the county.
Later on ‘PembrokeshireSport.co.uk’ asked David if he had enjoyed his new experience and of course the twinkle in his eye gave ample proof that he did – and when we then asked if he would like a second bout in the near future he admitted that he would certainly like to give it a bash if the time was still right!