Darren Briggs

Darren Briggs is a top local participant in Disability Swimming and other sports!

Darren Briggs
If there is anyone who shows total commitment to a range of sports then it is Darren Briggs, whose swimming caught the eye in the recent Pembrokeshire Disability Swimming Festival, as it has done for a number of years where he has showed his swimming ability at the whole range of strokes.
Not content with the swimming, which he has also continued 'up the line', Darren takes part with the Saundersfoot Rotary - assisted team in the national championships  where they have been champions for several seasons and were runners-up this year.
Darren will take part in any event and always with a smile on his face - and we were delighted to present this charming all-round athlete with a 'Good Sport' tee-shirt to say thank you for all he does in flying the Pembrokeshire Flag in such a smashing way.
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Darren proudly wears his 'Good Sport' tee-shirt at the swimming festival

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