British University Championships 2019

Athletes and coaches from Pembrokeshire taking part in 2019 British Championships

There was a large contingent from Pembrokeshire at this years’ British University Championships, including both competitors, coaches and volunteer Technical officials from our county.

The event was held over two days with a staggering amount of entries, especially from Welsh Colleges and Universities.

First to lift was Niamh Roach in the 59kg body weight category. Niamh lifted 52kg in the Snatch and 67kg in the Clean and Jerk. Niamh is an undergraduate student at University of Bath, she also coaches at SAW and volunteers at both Pembrokeshire Weightlifting and Weightlifting Wales events.

Next up, Chloe Hood from Pembrokeshire College. Chloe competed in the 71kg body weight category and lifted 69kg in the snatch and 90kg in the clean and jerk, gaining Chloe a silver medal. Chloe coaches the very successful ladies only class at SAW and also volunteers for both Pembrokeshire Weightlifting and Weightlifting Wales at their events.

Anita Madan from Swansea University competed in the 76kg body weight category. Anita lifted 75kg in the snatch and 88kg in the clean and jerk. Anita made PB’s in both lifts and gained the Gold medal. Anita is also a volunteer technical official for both Pembrokeshire Weightlifting and Weightlifting Wales.

James Hart from Coleg Sir Gar competed in the 96kg category and snatched 105kg and clean and jerked 128kg. James is an apprentice at Valero and he also volunteers at events for both Pembrokeshire Weightlifting and Weightlifting Wales.

For all lifters from Pembrokeshire, this was their first ever British University championships.

Pembrokeshire volunteers attending the event were Simon Roach and Justin Head, coaching throughout the weekend; And Technical Officials Alex John, Darren Rogers and Stephen Donovan who all played vital roles ensuring this British event was organised well.