2017 Harrison-Allen Bowl Snippets

Elvis and Friends 

The BowlChairman Paul got it dead right!

In his concluding speech new county club chairman Paul Webb described the match as an outstanding final – and Paul got it just right!

Paul thanks key sponsors

He also thanked Thomas Scourfield and Sons for their continued terrific support of the final and Hugh Harrison-Allen for sponsoring the teas – and the coveted bowl, named in honour of Hugh’s family, looked particularly magnificent in the evening sun!

Disappointing crowd

The crowd was disappointing for such a keenly-anticipated final but filled up somewhat after tea, with lots of banter from the balcony.

The perfect pitch‘Jack’ and Sam win the eating contests

Both teams enjoyed their now-traditional pre-match get together, with Peter ‘Jack’ Davies leading the eating stakes at the Neyland Athletic Club and Sam harts doing well for Cresselly at the Plough Inn, Carew, their sponsors.

Well done Ground Crew

After 24 hours of torrential rain the pitch and outfield was still in top-notch condition – so well done Richard Arthur, Denis Chiffi, Phil James, Glyn Cole, Neal Williams and Martin Perkins.  

Cruel lot – sending Spam on a wild goose chase

They were seen hooting with laughter at one stage because Messrs Arthur, Chiffi and Perkins had sent Phil ‘Spam’ James on a wild-goose chase after convincing Phil that announcer Richard Merriman needed the boundary lengths to announce the distance of six hits. They were watching ’Spam’ step out the distances and reporting to Mr M, who as clearly in on the jape – and I’m glad to report that Phil took it with his usual nice-natured approach!

Umpires and AnnouncerAnnouncer Richard does well but is put in his place

On the subject of announcing, Richard did a really good job of keeping the spectators up to date but was gently put in his place by 10 year old Dafydd James, whose big brother Dan was playing for Cresselly. Richard announced that ‘Dan’ had claimed a wicket and Dafydd, standing nearby, gently reminded him his brother’s name was Daniel – and Mr Merriman duly issued his correction!

Fifth time the teams had met

This was the fifth time that the teams had met in the final and Cresselly now lead this mini-contest 3-2 after beating Neyland in 1967, 1979 and 2009 and losing out in 1983.

Slight programme mishap

The programme was as good as ever, other than one slight mishap where the Neyland team on the scorecard was the one from the final two years ago so a couple of players didn’t appear there – but at least were in the pen pictures.

Well done Trefor and TonyTrefor Evans and Tony Scourfield

Umpires Trefor Evans and Tony Scourfield deserve every credit for their outstanding work in the middle, with no fuss, no histrionics, just down-to-earth officiating. But they did show their determination to keep things calm when they dealt well with one dope’s shouting to try and distract a fielder taking a catch – an isolated incident halted in its tracks.

Top scoring from Teagan and ‘Laugharnie’

Congratulations also to Teagan Cartwright and John Laugharne for scoring, and supplying the announcer and nuisances from the press, with details. They both received mementoes and it was evident how much they were thought of by their teams!

Spiderman722 runs – including 40 sixes!

Runs galore were forecast and that’s how it turned out – with 722 of them. That total included an amazing 40 sixes which flew to all parts of the ground. Alex Bailey launched three out of the ground in successive deliveries, the first hitting a bus, the second hitting a car and the third flying over both vehicles , amongst his six big hits, whilst Ryan Lewis (4), Paul Murray (6) and Nick Koomen (5) also had the crowd scattering at time!

Spare a thought for ‘Snowy’ and Neil . . .

Spare a thought for Simon ‘Snowy’ Cole and Neil Gregory because both Cresselly players had to make late withdrawals because of injury. ‘Snowy’ was replaced by Dan Cherry, who told us he could think of better ways of being selected than replacing his best pal!

. . . And for Scott too!

Scott Jones sustained a thumb injury from only the second ball of the match and although he tried bravely to return to action after great work by his team manager Peter ‘Jack’ Davies and Dr Owen Cox, the MO for the day, he had to sit out the match – but at least could join in the victory celebrations.

Ground Crew

Relaxed on leather sofa during play

This ground staff group were clearly ready for a relax between innings because they took it in turns to relax on a red ‘leather’ sofa near the equipment shed.

Paul’s a popular choice as man of the match

Congratulations to Paul Murray on being chosen by adjudicators Richard Howell and Nick Evans (Narberth) as man of the match for the way he stood firm at 12 for 3 in Neyland’s second innings and swung things round with his splendid 85 in a partnership of 161 with Nick Koomen, and received the traditional John Cole Memorial Trophy.

 Even ‘Elvis’ and a superhero were there!

Amongst the spectators there was a visit from Elvis (James Caine on his stag do from Saundersfoot) and Spiderman (Ian Milsom from Neyland loves a good costume!) You brightened the day lads!

Sean’s speech was to the point

Sean Hannon had a good game as skipper of Neyland and the look of joy as he received the trophy from Hugh Harrison-Allen was evident. Sean also did a good job on his post-match speech – it was short and to the point so well done indeed!

I got it right!

I’m not one to boast but I got it right and so did Gordon Thomas! I tipped Neyland to win narrowly and they overcome my traditional ‘Black Spot’ to take the honours. Fraser Watson – eat your heart out!

Did I win the sweep?

I think I also might have won the traditional sweep organised by Phil James and Stefan Jenkins because I forecast a grand total of 725 runs and there were 722 scored. I’m sure that if I did win then Mr Jenkins, a man of great honour, will see the prize arrives at my door!