Janice Webb

Janice is a Whitland star scorer and supporter
Janice Webb is one of the best-known scorers around the Pembrokeshire Cricket scene - and also doubles up as official scorer for the Welsh Over 50s team in which her husband Paul plays.
They have three cricketing sons in Bobby, Matthew and Tim so she started out in the 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em' mode - and has been heavily involved ever since, none more so that when the Webb family sponsor the Alan Brown Cup Final at Whitland, where the teas she organises are legend!
Janice also helps Paul with the statistics for the top division which always make interesting reading on this site - and provides us with details during matches - and always with a willing smile!
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Janice Webb shows off her 'Good Sport' tee-shirt - at a cricket match of course!

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