Ann and Bob Adams

Mr and Mrs Adams are tops in the swimming world!

Ann and Bob Adams
Ann and Bob Adams have been involved in swimming for 40 years or so and are known across Wales for their involvement - and both have been recognised at national level and further afield.
Indeed, both have received the ultimate honour in Welsh Swimming by being appointed as president at national level and acting as officials at the highest levels.
But Mr and Mrs Adams are also very much at home when they arrive at local galas and were very much in evidence at the Disability Swimming Gala featuring the Pembrokeshire Puffins alongside their counterparts from Cardiff, Swansea and Bridgend.
Bob was the official starter, a role he carries out with the usual utmost efficiency, whilst Ann was helping to run things as she used her wealth of experience to good effect!
They are both a credit to their sport and we are delighted to be able to recognise their amazing efforts by presenting them with our 'Good Sport' tee-shirts!
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Two really 'Good Sports' are Ann and Bob Adams

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